Airwalk Reply named a top UK workplace for wellbeing

31 July 2023 2 min. read
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London-headquartered technology consultancy Airwalk Reply has been named a top employer by Great Place To Work. The advisory firm ranked on lists of the best medium-sized workplaces, and the best workplaces for employee wellbeing.

For more than four decades, the Great Place To Work Institute has been polling employees on the practices of employers. Thousands of organisations are included in the institute’s assessments, with input from staff collected to reveal best practice employment practices among businesses around the world.

The latest piece of research from Great Place To Work has found that cloud consultancy Airwalk Reply is among the UK’s leading workplaces. The firm was named as one of the 20 best medium-sized workplaces in the country, and one of the top 30 best workplaces for wellbeing – a key component of success in modern business.

Airwalk Reply named a top UK workplace for wellbeing

Airwalk Reply Founding Partner Ben Walker, “We are really proud to have been recognised as a Best Workplace for Wellbeing for a second consecutive year. Airwalk Reply has continued to scale significantly and so ensuring that our employees feel happy and supported whilst on this journey with Airwalk Reply is a key focus. Our business is our people, and therefore their wellbeing will always be essential.”

Founded in 2009, Airwalk Reply is a global consultancy for modern cloud technology adoption and integration. From offices in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Hong Kong, the firm works with clients with complex technical and organisational challenges to achieve the required business outcomes through delivery leadership and technology expertise.

The news represents the second time Airwalk Reply has been recognised on Great Place To Work’s list. According to a release from the firm, two of the leading reasons for its recognition are Airwalk Reply’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate social value (CSV) policies. This proved important for the company’s achievements within the medium-sized company category, as employees gave an exceptionally high overall statement score for feeling good about the many ways that Airwalk Reply contributes to the community.

Beyond this, other statement scores reported that employees at Airwalk Reply felt they were treated fairly and inclusively. This included having training and development opportunities widely available, being paid fairly, and being able to put high levels of trust in the executive team. 

“I have never worked in an organisation that prioritises its people as much as Airwalk does”, one Airwalk Reply employee survey said.

Another added, “The dedication to individual's growth and development is impressive. There is an actual focus on people and sharing their skills and knowledge. The management team have open doors, you can speak up and ask anything, they are all so supportive of their workforce.”