US Fed SVP Jainaryan Sooklal joins Oliver Wyman

11 February 2016 1 min. read
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Jainaryan Sooklal has left the the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York to join Oliver Wyman. In his new role as Partner, based in in New York, Sooklal will work in the areas of finance, risk and public policy for the firm’s clients.

Prior to starting at Oliver Wyman, Jainaryan Sooklal worked at the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York as a Senior Vice-President of the bank’s Risk & Policy Function within the Financial Institutions Supervision Group. Previously he served as the Vice-President of the Bank’s Funding & Liquidity Risk Department. Prior to joining the Fed as Assistant Vice President in 2009, Sooklal worked as Treasurer and Global Head of Long Term Financing at Morgan Stanley, and as a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley since 2005.

Sooklal holds a Bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a Master's degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Sooklal recently joined Oliver Wyman’s New York office as a Partner, and will bolster the firm with his more than 10 years of banking experience, providing clients expertise in the areas of finance, risk and public policy.

A number of the Federal Reserve Bank’s top people have defected to management consulting in recent years, with Sarah Dahlgren, the head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, leaving the institution after more than 25 years last year to join McKinsey & Company. In the UK, Sir Hector Sants, former executive at Barclay’s Bank and the UK’s Financial Services Authority, joined Oliver Wyman back in December 2014.