Magnetic appoints Minda Galvin to scale training services

22 July 2022 2 min. read
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Professional services firm Magnetic has welcomed Minda Galvin as leader of its capability building wing. Based in Manchester, Galvin will help clients adapt to heightened turnover rates, amid the great resignation.

Over the last decade, Magnetic’s teams have worked to develop bespoke design and innovation training programmes for global and national brands. The firm’s training offering now supports teams across all levels, functions and industries to solve complex problems and rapidly respond to change.

So far, this has seen Magnetic train more than 500 employees at HSBC, designed the GiffGaff brand for O2, and implemented the ‘Design for Growth’ initiative for Innovate UK; which supports hundreds of the UK’s high potential SMEs in boosting the national economy post-Covid through the value of design. According to CEO Jenny Burns, the company’s training differs from traditional programmes by “building capabilities not dependencies”, taking a hands-on approach in its delivery.

Minda Galvin, Training Business Director, Magnetic

She added, “Our training isn’t just aimed at innovators. This is about injecting fail-safe techniques into entire organisations to foster productive, connected teams, accelerating growth and resilience at just the right pace. Done right, design and innovation training will create a movement of sustainable change in your business.”

Looking ahead, Minda Galvin, will head up Magnetic’s training and capability building business, as demand ramps up, due to a series of corporate challenges. With many businesses struggling to recruit in the post-lockdown economy, and the accelerated deployment of digital technologies requiring them to bring in new skills, some have no choice but to up-skill their pre-existing workforce.

Galvin noted, “Over the last two decades I’ve helped organisations to transform from the inside. I’m now excited to use these skills to deliver on Magnetic’s purpose to design better futures by equipping hundreds of businesses and thousands of people with the design and innovation skills they need to thrive. Over time, we’ll be expanding our training offering to include on demand training, dynamic content and we’ll be creating a community of alumni that will continue to learn from one another well into the future.”

The arrival of Galvin as Training Business Director further strengthens the diversity of Magnetic’s leadership. The firm already has a 65% female operational leadership team.

Magnetic was formed from the merger of Fluxx and magneticNorth, which concluded earlier in 2022 with the unifying of the firms behind the single Magnetic brand. Alongside CEO Burns, the firm is led by Chief Creative Officer Lou Cordwell, and Chief Financial Officer Richard Poole.