Millward Brown & comScore partner for brand analytics

18 January 2016 3 min. read
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Millward Brown and comScore have partnered up to deliver a combined brand analytics programme to identify the end-to-end process of advertising campaigns, from the initial exposure to how that exposure affects conversion behaviour. As part of the partnership, the companies will further seek to engage their respective client base with their partners’ products.

comScore was formed in 1999, and has since grown to be one of the biggest marketing and advertising web analytics firms on the market. The company has a large consumer base (more than two million) that provides it with a range of information regarding their internet habits. In addition, the firm uses trackers and cookies to track wider user behaviour. comScore claims to follow 1.6 trillion interactions each month from 172 different countries, amounting to around 40% of the monthly page views of the entire internet. That information, as well as a range of analytics techniques, provides insight into how well advertising campaigns from publishers and other parties filter through to target users, as well as in how far the messages stick.

Understanding how advertising affects target audiences provides companies with a means to assess their efforts and potentially tweak messages where necessary. In a bid to provide advertisers with a means of tracking the effectiveness of their campaigns, and thereby increasing their ROI in those campaigns, comScore and Millward Brown, a research agency specialised in advertising effectiveness, have become partners. Through the partnership, brands – outside the US, Canada and Taiwan – will be able to more fully assess the value of their advertising campaigns.

Millward Brown & comScore partner for deeper insight

To deliver deeper insights to advertisers regarding the effectiveness of their campaigns, the firms will combine three programmes. Audience metrics from comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials provides brands with insights into whether ads were viewable, by human eyes, in a brand-safe environment, as well as whether it left an impression on the audience targeted. Millward Brown’s Brand Lift Insights will subsequently identify in how far the attitude towards a brand shifts following the exposure. comScore’s Action Lift will then identify how behaviour changes relate to metrics, including site visits, competitive share, branded searches and online conversions.

“Advertisers need a comprehensive view of digital effectiveness from delivery through to impact and this partnership will enable us to provide that globally with immediate effect,” comments Duncan Southgate, Global Brand Director Digital at Millward Brown. “By combining the expertise of our two organisations, advertisers will have access to the best-in-class solutions to evaluate and optimise the right metrics on the impact on brand perception and consumer behaviour,” adds Paul Goode, SVP Strategic Partnerships at comScore. “Everyone likes big numbers, but optimising campaigns for viewable impressions alone without advanced invalid traffic removal is chasing the wrong big number.”

In addition to providing deeper insight, the partnership will allow for further joint benefits, including Millward Brown reselling comScore vCE and Action Lift products, while comScore will provide sales referral for Millward Brown’s Brand Lift Insights.