NHS working with McKinsey on analysis of Covid-19 vaccination data

28 March 2022 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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The NHS has signed a £1 million deal with McKinsey & Company. The move sees the strategy consultancy advise on the analysis and presentation of data relating to the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The UK health and social care system is having to adapt quickly to a new environment. Even amid the pandemic, it has faced the additional challenges including massive shortfalls in funding, and the colossal pressures placed upon it by an ageing population.

Digital innovation is seen as a key way for the NHS to meet spiking demand with depleted resources in the coming years – and consulting firms have regularly been tasked with helping the institution get the most from new solutions.

NHS working with McKinsey on analysis of Covid-19 vaccination data

In recent years, McKinsey & Company has been among the most regular of the NHS’ external advisors. In 2020, the strategy giant supported an evaluation of the Test and Trace programme, for example. Last year, meanwhile, the company was paid nearly £600,000 for its work on a review into NHS technology services.

Now, online procurement records reveal that NHS England entered into a short-term engagement with the consultancy in mid-December. The contract, which was valued at £1.03 million, ran until the end of February 2022, and saw McKinsey serve as an external partner to help officials leading the vaccine programme to assess data, and better understand where action was needed to support local rollouts of the jab.

Additionally, McKinsey gave guidance on the presentation of vaccination data to external parties.

McKinsey is part of the MBB – the three largest strategy firms in the world – along with Bain & Company and Boston Consulting Group. As such a prestigious firm, McKinsey is a trusted advisor to the world's leading businesses, governments, and institutions – and with its deep industry knowledge, it works to help them build their capabilities and leadership skills at all levels.

According to the contract-award notice, McKinsey was asked to support the NHS’ relevant senior leadership team, as it worked to interpret and present data from the vaccination programme to various bodies; ensuring “the programme is valid, appropriate and impactful”. The contract was awarded as a call-off from a framework agreement – something the UK Government uses to ensure value of money and rapid access for consulting services across its various wings.

The contract represents the latest in a large number of deals McKinsey has won to provide support to the government’s pandemic response. According to online procurement records, the firm has now won a total 30 separate deals to support the Covid-19 response of government departments since the onset of the pandemic.