German consultancy bdg picks UK for first international office

09 December 2021 2 min. read
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German consultancy bdg has expanded internationally for the first time in its 15-year history, launching an office in Peterborough to fuel its UK expansion.

Headquartered in Berlin, bdg (which stands for better decisions group) is a consulting firm specialised in corporate performance management and business intelligence. The firm is a long-standing partner of various providers of business intelligence software such as Jedox, Board and SAP and works for a range of blue chip brands including Siemens, Quorn, JDWilliams, KFC, Sainsbury’s and Zalando.

Over the past decade, the firm has delivered “over a dozen” projects in the UK said Tom Owen, UK Head at bdg, supporting its clients with “fly-in” teams from Germany, affiliated consultants and more recently, with remote teams.

German consultancy bdg picks UK for first international office

“bdg has been growing rapidly without the need for a permanent base. Working remotely has always been common in the consulting industry, however we find ourselves reaching a point where the benefits of having a physical location for the growing team are clear and obvious,” said Owen.

“Opening an on the ground operation in the UK was the obvious next step in our development,” he added. The new office is based in Peterborough, and is over 200 square metres to accommodate for further growth plans.

Owen: “In 2021 we doubled our UK headcount, and we are committed to continue growing. In a services-based business, this requires more talented people that are delivering high quality work for our clients. Our office will help us attract talent and grow and nurture our team.”

For graduate talent, bdg has forged a partnership with the University of East Anglia. “Through recruiting multiple alumni, being part of employment events as well as offering mentoring services – bdg is committed to being an active part of the community and wider areas,” concluded Owen.

In its home market Germany, bdg operates with offices in Berlin and Dortmund.

Earlier this quarter, DACH-origin Genioo also launched in the UK, while vice versa, strategic UK consultancy CIL picked Germany as its entry point for expansion across continental Europe.