Genioo launches new office in London, 5th internationally

08 October 2021 2 min. read
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Professional services firm Genioo has opened its fifth office globally. The new locale in London will provide the firm’s full range of cross-functional capabilities, while linking to a network of more than 1,400 independent consultants.

Established in 2012, Genioo is a global consulting firm which works with business leaders to help them bring their vision to life. Genioo works alongside its clients to deliver mission-critical projects that translate big ideas into a practical reality – and add lasting value to the business.

As well as its global headquarters in Zug, Genioo also has a network of offices around the world. Locales in New York, Boston, and a centre of excellence of Berlin have now been supplemented by the firm’s first office in the UK.

Genioo launches 5th global office in London

Alex Brunner, COO and Founder at Genioo commented, "Our new London office will be an important base for our growing UK team. It will give us the ability to serve our clients in a much more efficient and cost-effective way. Genioo's global reach not only gives us a world perspective, but it gives our clients local and global access to a highly diverse and experienced talent pool.”

Located at 33 Foley Street, London, the new office will be co-lead by Sarah Bond and Lodewijk Offerhaus. It will enable the firm to better serve clients in the life sciences industry, and private equity in particular.

The firm has successfully delivered over 750 projects for life sciences clients over the last eight years, including some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. These included defining a 20-year API production strategy for a pharmaceutical company, and enabling a global pharmaceutical company to become an industry leader through end-to-end streamlining of its supply chain.

Meanwhile, Genio has also executed over 100 productivity and cost focused projects for over 50 clients in the last five years. This work has earned the firm a Net Promoter Score of an average of 70% – far exceeding the industry average. Projects included accelerating results for a PE-owned life sciences company through improved transparency and decision-making, and developing a corporate strategy for a biotech, with a focus on accelerating investments and footprint, in China.

Genioo already has a growing team on the ground in Britain’s capital city – but they will also be boosted by the firm’s links to an extensive network. In addition to a team of over 60 core consultants and professionals, the firm has ties of over 1,450 senior independents, with deep expertise in both life sciences and consulting work.

Brunner added, “We are really looking forward to welcoming a new team of incredibly talented, driven and passionate individuals that all have the same purpose and goal – to build a world-class service to our clients."