Pangea Strategic Intelligence expands its energy transition network

05 October 2021 2 min. read
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Pangea Strategic Intelligence, an international expert network run from London, has expanded its level of expertise within the energy sector. 

Founded in 2019 as the consulting wing of Pangea Resourcing, Pangea Strategic Intelligence is a firm that facilitates the exchange of knowhow and talent between companies and independent consultants. The firm focuses on four key sectors – energy, natural resources, chemicals, and infrastructure – with all its experts having extensive experience in these industries under their belt. 

Over the past months, Pangea Strategic Intelligence has significantly expanded its network of experts in the energy space, with a focus on booming areas such as energy storage, electric vehicles, green ammonia, and plastics recycling. “This is in line with our mission to become the leading on-demand consulting and expert network platform in the energy landscape,” said Mike Callis, Director of Pangea Strategic Intelligence. 

Pangea Strategic Intelligence benchmark

Across its four sectors of focus, “companies engage us on a broad array of business research projects, including: new product and location launches; conducting due diligence on strategic initiatives or investments; validating ideas; designing best practice models; and when seeking fresh angles to accelerate innovation.”

“In the energy sector, there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the viability of new, exciting technologies and approaches, which sits at odds with the need to make confident decisions about the future. By strengthening our expertise in these niches, our platform will be able to generate greater value for our clients.” 

Across the research and consulting value, Pangea Strategic Intelligence competes with several players, from market intelligence providers and consulting firms (strategy firms, Big Four, etc) to other expert networks such as GLG and Guidepoint and on-demand talent marketplaces. According to a recent benchmark, Pangea Strategic Intelligence scores particularly well for its deep subject-matter expertise.