IBM helps recruiters find, attract and secure talent

30 October 2015 2 min. read

In the world of top-recruitment, the task of finding and convincing high value candidates to make the move is becoming ever more competitive. As candidates gain more power, recruitment requires both a selection as well as a marketing approach. To facilitate the changes in the recruitment market, IBM has brought together a number of tools that provide recruiters with one work-flow solution to quickly and personally access the talent required for their clients’ needs.

Attracting and retaining talent is becoming more and more competitive as new technologies demand more and more high-skilled labour. The game of headhunting and acquiring high-value candidates has become considerably more competitive for recruiters as a result. As the value of candidates increases, so does their power, a phenomenon reported by 83% of candidates. According to IBM, the recruitment market has shifted in such a way that 60% of recruiters are acting reactively, and as a result, miss out on top talent whom are themselves acting proactively.

The consequences of the market changes are that to reach candidates before they make their own decisions, recruiters need to be out marketing their business and its benefits across multiple channels “in the same way that marketers engage with potential customers.” Through an increase in the number of interfaces at which recruiters connect with candidates, recruiters can better market the offerings of their clients while gathering valuable information about the fit and interest of the candidate for the role. This allows the recruiter to “adjust and reset their recruiting strategies in real-time.”

IBM - Recruitment spot

To make the process easier for recruiters, IBM is launching a set of talent acquisition tools that are specifically designed to facilitate the design and construction of personal relationships with active and passive candidates. The solution provides a marketing background to the task of recruitment, including candidate relationship management and web traffic analytics technology from IBM Commerce* into IBM Kenexa talent acquisition services, providing a number of channels of access to candidates. Through the solution, recruiters are provided with multiple channels through which they can market their client as well as engage personally with possible talent.

“Today, top candidates expect a high-quality recruitment process—the same quality experience they receive as a consumer. They want more feedback and transparency – from the time they start considering a career change to when they submit an application and accept a job,” says Debbie Landers, General Manager of IBM Kenexa and Smarter Workforce. “IBM’s new solution helps companies redefine the recruitment experience and ultimately target the right candidates and improve the experience for everyone involved.”

* IBM Commerce includes IBM Marketing Cloud, IBM Digital Analytics and IBM MobileFirst.