CGI to develop platform for satellite communications marketplace

16 November 2020 3 min. read
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Global consultancy CGI has landed yet another contract with the European Space Agency, and will now develop an innovative Artificial Intelligence enabled platform as part of the Autonomous Satcom Solutions programme. The work will also involve a series of solutions for the global satellite communications marketplace.

Domenico Mignolo, Head of Ground Segment Technologies and Products at the European Space Agency (ESA), said, “ESA is delighted to be supporting CGI’s Autonomous Satcom Solutions (AUTSS) initiative into the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within satellite communication ground segments.

The AUTSS programme directly aligns with ESA’s ambition to support ESA Member State industry in bringing innovative uses of new technology into the Space industry. AI is having a transformative effect on many industries and we expect this to be a future growth area within the Space industry. We look forward to working with CGI and their industry partners as the AUTSS programme develops.”

CGI to develop platform for satellite communications marketplace

The contract will task CGI with developing an advanced satcom-focussed secure AI platform, offering satellite communications organisations the ability to efficiently explore and apply proven industrialised AI enabled functionality into their Operational and Business Support Systems.

Meanwhile, a number of transformative AI-enabled satcom solutions will be developed with CGI’s industry partners. These include: demand prediction, leveraging historical communications data patterns and Deep Learning to automatically extract patterns and derive improved satcom demand prediction models; mission operations incident reporting, predicting problems for reduced operator burden; and automated training systems.

Mike Rudd, UK Space Agency Head of Telecommunications Strategy, said, “UK Space Agency is delighted to support this initiative, which focusses on the new area of AI and Machine Learning, which have significant potential to transform the management of the increasing number and complexity of spacecraft and constellations. This contract will create a genuine step-change and demonstrates the importance of the ground segment and software in the delivery of space services, with a UK company creating critical technology that will help us manage the next generation of satellite constellations and connect more people than ever before.”

It is the latest in a long line of contract wins for CGI relating to the burgeoning space sector. By applying AI to satellite communications CGI aims to help find solutions to real-world challenges faced by the space sector, and is working with Goonhilly Earth Station and Avanti Communications to deliver the AUTSS programme. 

Shaun Stretton, Vice President of Satcoms and Space Data Platforms at CGI, said, “Our vision for AUTSS builds on CGI’s understanding of the pressures and challenges faced by satcom operators and organisations formed through our long-term heritage in supporting the sector. By combining this with our expertise in AI we will deliver a platform that enables satcom providers to identify new ways to transform their business operations.”