Burges Salmon modernises its work product management

11 November 2020 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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UK law firm Burges Salmon has adopted a new document and email management solution. IT consultancy and software provider iManage worked with Burges Salmon to manage the transition.

Burges Salmon is an independent law firm with around 450 lawyers across three UK offices. Working from Bristol, London and Edinburgh, the firm’s clients range from the largest private and public sector organisations and institutions, to entrepreneurial businesses and wealthy individuals and families.

In order to strengthen the firm’s existing records retention policies and compliance with GDPR and other regulations – and better serve clients in the process – Burges Salmon has migrated its document and email solutions to the cloud. This has seen the firm move its premises implementation of iManage Work to iManage Cloud.

Burges Salmon modernises its work product management

“Part of our proposition to lawyers is that they will be working with modern technology that helps them to meet the changing needs of our clients – and providing a state-of-the-art document and email management platform like iManage Cloud is central to that,” said Eddie Twemlow, Head of IT and Operations at Burges Salmon.

Now, “our business is built around documents and iManage Cloud helps us to facilitate client collaboration,” he added.

Burges Salmon was driven to move to iManage Cloud by several key factors, including the firm’s investment in a future that utilises technology to improve service delivery to its clients. As the firm approached another hardware refresh cycle, it also sought to reduce the costs of building out and maintaining its own IT infrastructure.

iManage Cloud also provides greater mobility and anytime, anywhere access to critical files. This capability has helped the firm nimbly adjust to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and the remote working it has necessitated. The move to iManage Cloud was completely transparent to the firm’s lawyers – never interrupting uptime or access to files and matters.

Geoff Hornsby, iManage General Manager, EMEA, said, “We are pleased to be a foundational part of Burges Salmon’s digital transformation strategy. The firm’s commitment to modernisation ensures it is well poised with the agility, advanced capabilities, and leading security to continue to attract top talent and deliver best-in-class expertise, excellent service, and exceptional value to its clients.”

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