The 9 companies with the healthiest employees in UK

14 September 2015 2 min. read

Vitality and Mercer have unveiled their ‘Britain’s Healthiest Company’ ranking, which celebrates the organisations with the healthiest employees in the UK. Johnson & Johnson has been recognised as the healthiest large company, Adidas UK as the healthiest medium-sized company and Old Mutual as the healthiest small company.

Britain’s Healthiest Company
Launched in 2013, ‘Britain’s Healthiest Company’ is a partnership between consulting firm Mercer, health insurer and wellness programme provider Vitality and The Sunday Telegraph aimed at finding and celebrating organisations with the healthiest employees in the UK.* The list is based on a survey of employers and employees of participating organisations that looks at lifestyle, mental wellbeing, clinical risk and productivity factors, including weight, diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, stress, cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and blood pressure. How often people attend health screenings to monitor and understand their health are also taken into the equation.

Britains Healthiest Company - Mercer and VitalityHealht

For the 2015 edition of the awards, the partners surveyed 32,538 employees from 112 UK companies between January and August 2015. The study not only identifies ‘Britain’s Healthiest Company’, but also provides UK employers with insights into the wellbeing of their workforce, in the form of a confidential Corporate Health Report, which can be used to evaluate wellness programmes and HR strategies. In addition, the results of all participating companies will be used to research the health of UK employees and UK companies, which will help develop industry norms for the UK market.

The companies are divided into three categories: large companies (1000+ eligible employees), medium companies (250-999 eligible employees) and small companies (50-249 eligible employees), resulting in three Healthiest Companies in the UK. An overview of the best scoring companies:

Britains Healthiest Companies

Commenting on the winners, Chris Bailey, Partner at Mercer, says: “This year’s Britain’s Healthiest Company shows that more employers than ever are investing in the health of their people. This is essential given the rapid societal change the UK is going through. Maintaining good health is key to keeping the economy buoyant and staving off the impact of talent shortages and the ageing population. Those employers who are pro-active in this area continue to have a competitive advantage.”

* University of Cambridge and RAND Europe are academic partners and are responsible for the survey design, data collection and analysis.