Consulting firm Dufrain seeking 50 new BI consultants

11 September 2015 3 min. read

To meet the fast growing demand for its services Dufrain Consulting, a specialist in the field of business intelligence, has launched a large recruitment campaign. In the coming months the advisory firm is seeking to add more than 50 new consultants to its payroll as it opens offices in Manchester and Dublin in the near future.

Dufrain Consulting was founded by Michael Gilmartin and Stephen Henry in 2009. Prior to founding the firm Gilmartin served a range of business from small Scottish companies to large US corporations, working in a variety of sectors from Finance and Energy to Hospitality and Technology. Co-founder Henry most recently worked as a Senior Consultant at the Scottish company Business & Decision, as well as a Solutions Architect at dunnhumby. Since its inception five year ago, the firm has under the leadership of Gilmartin and Henry* grown to a team of 85 consultants based in Edinburgh and London. Dufrain Consulting has a strong focus on data automation, information management and risk management, the consultancy working with a wide range of BI platforms to provide its services.

Dufrain Consulting - Business Intelligence

In the early years, the firm has predominantly been helping large banks manage their troves of data, through a process of merging that data into a single port of call. The firm has enjoyed strong growth since, even if it faced “challenging moments” in its formative period, benefitting from the recent spate of regulatory requirements placed on banks from the UK Government as well as wider European banking frameworks. The requirements have forced financial institutions to better process data from multiple sources such as credit card, savings and loan histories, for which the firm offers tailored solutions.

In recent years, Dufrain Consulting diversified its industry focus, and at the moment around one third of the firm’s clients come from outside the financial sector – a market valued at nearly $100 billion globally. “Regulatory requirements are increasing across all industries, and even smaller organisations need to ensure the information they are providing is complete and accurate,” says Gilmartin. “We have been adding clients from the pharmaceutical sector, oil and gas, and universities as well. All of these organisations have loads of information, but are not able to use it effectively.”

In May this year, Dufrain Consulting’s revenue hit £4.2 million, and looking ahead the co-founders have set ambitious goals. Thrusted by high demand for tech consulting and in particular business intelligence, with data analystics, regulatory and compliance the main drivers, Gilmartin and Henry expect to see firm growth in the coming 12 months of up to 80% to around £8 million, as the company continues to add clients and expand its base.

Dufrain Consulting - Leadership

The growth is accompanied by the opening of new sites around the UK, with an office in Manchester to open soon to house the eight new employees already hired as well as twenty more expected over the coming year. The firm is too planning to expand its operations further afield in the UK, with its first Europe wide expansion planned for Dublin to follow. In total the firm expects to hire 50 new staff over the six months for placements in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Manchester and Dublin.

So far, the expansion of the firm has been organic, however, acquisitions are not off the table in the company’s bid to grow. “It is all about growth. We started as two people with an idea and have quickly expanded into a profitable business from there,” concludes Gilmartin.

* The management team of Dufrain Consulting currently consists of Michael Gilmartin, Stephen Henry, Steven Miller, Paul Oprea and Nicholas McFadden.