Expleo offering €100,000 worth of free consultancy services

26 August 2020 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read
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Expleo has announced that it is to offer free consultancy services to businesses in Ireland impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The services, worth around €100,000, include in-depth business analysis to help distressed firms establish a clear plan of action.

The company's Covid-19 recovery package provides free consultancy services in areas including business strategy, digital transformation, change management and operational agility, and will be offered to businesses of any size operating in all sectors including financial services, retail, manufacturing, travel, insurance and technology.

Headquartered in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France, Expleo is a partner for end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation. The firm’s 15,000 people are active in more than 30 countries, generating to the tune of €1.1 billion in revenue.

Expleo offering €100,000 worth of free consultancy services

In a statement about its initiative in Ireland, Expleo said the investment will cover initial assessment of businesses’ needs, referral to a leading consultant and in-depth business analysis to establish a clear plan of action. As the world’s economies look to plot a course to recovery, digital transformation is expected to play a central role, with Expleo asserting its services can therefore give Irish businesses a vital boost.

Phil Codd, Managing Director for Ireland, Expleo, said, "We wanted to make sure that we played our part and believe that our experience in helping enterprises across all sectors to digitally transform and manage change will be of great assistance to businesses as they look ahead and prepare for a drastically more digitised world… Economic hardship can inspire great innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. We want to embark on that journey with Irish businesses to help them thrive in the years ahead and make our economy stronger as a result.”

Free consulting?

Pro bono consulting often sees consultants offer their services for free to clients for the good of society or a specific line of work. Top consultants regularly offer free work to the government or charities on this basis, as well as for regular businesses amid times of economic hardship.

Aside from the direct benefits this gives organisations, who receive support they might not otherwise afford, it boosts the reputation of consulting firms, and may also help win work at a later time, when the organisation in question is in a more stable position.

This is true for the economic chaos brought on by the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, which has left many organisations fighting for their lives. In a bid to help organisations tighten their belts to make it through the crisis, a number of consulting firms have offered pro bono services to clients in recent months.

For example, consultancy Q5 and UK charity Ahead Partnership partnered to launch a new pro bono consulting offering to distressed mid-size organisations, amid the current economic turbulence most markets face. Meanwhile, it was revealed that PwC was offering a large amount of discounted work to the NHS.