Podcasts that help consultancies prepare for post-Covid-19

21 August 2020 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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A group of three firms – Create Engage, Garwood Solutions and Honeycomb PS – have teamed up to provide a three-part podcast series to help consulting firms build the foundations they need to succeed in the post-Covid-19 era.

In the mini-series, the three co-creators share insights on the three pillars that they see as critical for the ongoing success of consultancies. These are: the value proposition, internal operations and marketing & business development.

Each pillar has its own dedicated episode, with the first featuring Rob Garner from Garwood Solutions explaining the impact that Covid-19 is having on growth and development within the professional services sector and the implications for business strategy.

Listen to Episode 1:Renewing the Value Proposition’.

Garwood Solutions is an advisory, enablement and delivery firm that helps professional services firms with performance improvement in sales, operating models, delivery, and with the implementation of systems.

Podcasts that help consultancies prepare for post-Covid-19

Episode two features Honeycomb PS founder, Deri Hughes, sharing the frameworks he uses with his clients to help them create highly scalable, flexible and controllable operations functions that let them rapidly grow their businesses.

Listen to Episode 2:Building flexibility & control in operations’.

Honeycomb PS specialises in helping consulting firms improve their internal processes, with a focus on finance, human resources, recruitment and office management processes.

In the final episode, Nick Synnott, Director at Create Engage, explains how using digital marketing can help consulting firms respond to the current climate while setting their business up for long term success. He talks listeners through Create Engage’s self-developed Digital Marketing Framework to help consulting businesses develop effective marketing strategies that deliver results and generate new conversations.

Listen to Episode 3:Creating ROI generating marketing that delivers results’.

Commenting on the launch of the mini-series, Synnott explained: “We’ve created this podcast off the back of a very popular webinar series that we hosted during the current coronavirus lockdown. The webinars received great feedback from all those who attended so we decided to share it as part of the podcast to ensure that as many consultants as possible could benefit from the knowledge provided.”

The mini-series builds on Create Engage’s popular podcast, ‘Climb in Consulting’, which so far has released more than 60 episodes.