ArcelorMittal Bremen renews its partnership with CGI

01 September 2015 1 min. read

ArcelorMittal Bremen, a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel producer, has renewed its partnership with CGI. As part of the agreement, the IT services firm will, in the coming years, support the German subsidiary with a range of IT and technology services and products.

ArcelorMittal Bremen outsourced its IT to CGI five years ago, and, since then, CGI has managed the company’s two data centers in Bremen, provided IT infrastructure support, and maintained all applications predominantly developed by ArcelorMittal Bremen, as well as other warehousing and automated production control systems. In addition, the Canadian-origin firm provides field service support for approximately 2,000 Windows end-user systems.

Over the course of the engagement, CGI’s scope of activities for ArcelorMittal Bremen has expanded considerably. According to estimates, the size of the work has doubled since its inception. CGI was given, for example, responsibility for an additional 180 production control systems.

ArcelorMittal Bremen renews its partnership with CGI

“Many of our systems are production critical, and a failure can lead to downtime and high follow-up costs,” comments Claus Otten, Head of Automation Processes for ArcelorMittal Bremen. “CGI operates these systems flawlessly, ensuring their consistent availability.”

“Nothing demonstrates our commitment to ArcelorMittal Bremen better than the extension of this collaboration,” says Tobias Jänich, Vice-President of Outsourcing of CGI Germany. “Today we take on more tasks for ArcelorMittal Bremen, and, more importantly, we take over critical tasks. We are honored to be able to continue this very successful partnership.”