Capita secures contract to transform Suffolk’s digital education services

24 June 2020 3 min. read

Suffolk County Council has handed professional services firm Capita a five-year contract worth £1.3 million to migrate its on-premise education software. Capita will use software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to support to a new cloud-based system which could give the council predictive analysis capacities, and enable collaboration with neighbouring authorities which are also digitising.

Capita has secured another key contract win with the penning of a five-year deal worth £1.3 million with Suffolk County Council. The work will see Capita work to move its client away from its legacy system, which has seen the council’s statutory education functions, such as managing admissions, school transport, meals and special educational needs carried out manually until now.

Capita’s SaaS applications are built into Microsoft Azure, a public cloud service, and once the council’s data has been migrated to this new cloud system, upgrades and fixes will be able to be done remotely, and outside of business hours. This will also enable the council’s IT personnel to focus on value-added tasks, such as supporting council staff with their IT needs, and operate more efficiently. With minimised ‘downtime’, the council will benefit from improved reporting capabilities which will drive quicker decision making and should enable quick software upgrades.Capita secures contract to transform Suffolk’s digital education servicesAnthony Singleton, Managing Director of Capita One, said, “Migrating applications to the cloud is an important move for Suffolk and we are excited to be part of this journey. This new partnership with Suffolk is built on our software capabilities and expertise in the education sector but it also shows our strength in supporting local authorities in their digital transformations.”

Suffolk County Council will also hope the changes will provide it with predictive analysis and data on areas where they could optimise services and maximise spend. At the same time, it could enable better data sharing with neighbouring authorities who are also moving to the cloud, such as Essex County Council.

Suffolk County Council’s Head of IT Service & Operations, Simon Reed, said, “We are constantly working with our schools to understand how services can be delivered in a more efficient way. Migrating our education services to the cloud will improve how we support schools. It will also place us in a very good position to extend our collaboration with other councils in the future.”

Since issuing a shock profit warning in early 2018, professional services firm Capita has been working to radically transform its business. Having since returned to growth, the firm has launched a new consulting brand, and announced plans to boost its headcount to 450 consultants across the UK – while 2020 has seen Capita build on this momentum by winning a succession of contracts.

Earlier in the summer, Capita was awarded a contract by Irish Water for the transformation and operation of its customer contact centre services. The contract is worth up to €50 million over the next five years, after which Irish Water can extend the engagement for a further two years.