Altran acquires Indian technology firm SiConTech

20 August 2015 2 min. read
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Altran has bought Indian-based engineering services firm SiCon Design Technologies to expand its footprint in India and strengthen its global Intelligent Systems solution. The deal, which is expected to be finalised in 2015, will see more than 500 experts added to Altran's headcount.

SiCon Design Technologies (SiConTech) is an in 2010 in Bangalore founded engineering services firm specialised in semiconductor design. The technology firm is one of the fastest growing Indian technologies firms and has a team of 500 experts in ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Design, Verification, DFT (Design For Test), FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) implementation and embedded software development. SiConTech’s clients are found in the Wireless, Communication, Networking and Defence domains. In addition to its two offices in India (Bangalore and Hyderabad), the firm also has offices in Austin, Texas, and Shanghai.

Altran acquires SiConTech

In line with its goal to expand its footprint in India, while also reinforcing its global Intelligent Systems solution, Altran decided to acquire SiConTech. “This acquisition meets all the acquisition criteria defined by our group in terms of profitability and growth potential,” explains Altran Chairman and CEO Dominique Cerutti. “For Altran, the interests of this operation are two-fold: India is a key market for delivering engineering services on the global stage where Altran is set on becoming a key player. With this acquisition, the Group has reached and surpassed a symbolic milestone and Altran India now has a team of more than one thousand employees. In addition, the acquisition of SiConTech will enable us to accompany our strategic American clients operating in semi-conductors and embedded software, two major sectors.”

Sanjay Kumar, CEO and Managing Director of Altran India, adds: “From the time Altran gained a foothold in India, we’ve gone from strength to strength with respect to innovating and delivering more value to our customers in all industrial sectors both in India and throughout the world. The acquisition of SiConTech will help us to enhance our embedded software offering and to expand our range of services.”

Dominique Cerutti, Sanjay Kumar, Naveen Chava

For SiConTech, the merger with Altran will boost the firm’s competitiveness. Naveen Chava, Founder & CEO of SiConTech, explains: “Altran and SiConTech share the same drive to make a difference and innovate through technology. Becoming part of the Altran group will broaden our expertise, as well as enhance both our client portfolio and our research and development capacity, and reinforce our position with our customers. We are very excited about what the future holds for us as part of a larger organisation.”