Ayming provides operational consultancy to PE-backed firms

01 April 2020 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read
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Ayming has recently helped two private equity backed businesses with operational consulting services. The consultancy helped a multi-national food processing company optimise its supply chain across its operations, and supported a European dental health firm with charting an effective course for expansion beyond its domestic market.

In the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that companies can massively improve their supply chain efforts via digitalisation. Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, the problems of having failed to do so have already been laid bare. While companies look to find efficiency savings by leveraging digital solutions in their supply chain, close to 80% of firms are missing out on the true growth potential of such a move – something which has suddenly become even more important.

Optimising costs and managing supply chain risks was recently at the heart of a major project for consulting firm Ayming. According to the firm’s website, it recently helped a private equity-backed multi-national food processing company identify cost optimisation potential across key direct spend areas, while also conducting a risk analysis on key raw materials.

Ayming provides operational consultancy to PE-backed firms

Throughout the engagement, Ayming’s team engaged with several functions across the business to ensure that the overall strategy was considered when evaluating alternative materials and specifications. The work saw Ayming successfully identify and validate double-digit-percentage savings opportunities across in-scope categories. Furthermore, several procurement effectiveness measures were issued to ensure that benefits were sustained, while Ayming also helped create a commodity-based risk management strategy and plan of action, together with a dynamic raw materials risk management tool.

Elsewhere, Ayming supported another private equity-backed business with its planned expansion into a new geography. While increasingly competitive domestic markets mean that many firms are rushing to expand internationally to get ahead of their rivals, expanding across borders poses several challenges for every organisation. Through its procurement and operational consulting services, Ayming supported and accelerated the ambitious growth strategy of a European dental healthcare group. 

A release from the consultancy explained that first, Ayming’s team of consultants set up and managed the Project Management Office, coordinating all strategic activities related to the international expansion. They then produced a detailed analysis of the main cities in each target market, determining the most appropriate locations for new branches. By reviewing procurement processes, categories and suppliers, Ayming was “able to identify ways to set-up and optimise the supplier base across the locations.”

The results of this were that first, the client’s expansion plan was validated, and provided with locations with the highest revenue potential. Meanwhile, the clear procurement strategy and processes Ayming put in place meant that the panels of preferred suppliers for each cost category were optimised, and the process of opening clinics was improved, standardised and mapped, “cutting in half the average time taken to launch a new clinic.”