Nokamo appoints Martin Shaw as Director of Growth

30 March 2020 2 min. read
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Marketing consultancy Nokamo has appointed Martin Shaw as its new Growth Director to help grow the business. He will help Nokamo target SME clients that are looking to transform their business amid the challenging business environment of 2020.

Digital advertising continues to grow rapidly, accounting for nearly half of US and UK ad spend in 2018, with share forecast to rise to 58% by 2021. This growth has been driven in part by the growth in online consumption of entertainment and information and the shift to digital retail.

In a bid to meet the rapidly evolving marketing needs of clients, Ian Humphris and Rachel Deacon have launched Nokamo Consulting, following careers of more than 25 years in the creative consulting space. When it launched in early 2020, the marketing advisory firm stated it would initially target SME clients with an aggressive growth target in technology, law, financial services, professional services, wealth management and concierge services.

Nokamo appoints Martin Shaw as Director of Growth

As Nokamo continues to execute this strategy, the marketing consultancy has appointed industry expert Martin Shaw as its new Growth Director. He brings 20 years’ experience in marketing, consultancy and business development to the firm, having held roles at companies including AB Inbev, McCann, Disrupt3d and Drummond Central.

According to Nokamo co-founder Ian Humphris, Shaw’s arrival at this early stage is a statement of intent, which will help the firm target clients hungry for profit transformation. Humphris asserted that the move showed potential clients Nokamo would not only help them “break out of the echo chamber,” but to “smash a hole right through it!”

He added, “Martin’s got a tough challenge ahead. Nokamo isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. We only want to work with right-minded souls who’ll seize the chance to be a standout business in a swamp of sameness.”

Shaw himself meanwhile commented, “Nokamo is on a crusade to rid the world of commoditised thinking. There’s been a race to the bottom with price as the main differentiator for businesses, and that’s led to snail’s pace growth and an asthmatic P&L. We’re very specifically targeting the fire-starters and agitators who want to break out of the marketing echo chamber and unhide their businesses to transform growth. What a brilliant brief!”