Getting strategy right, from development to execution

15 October 2019 2 min. read
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Swiftly developing and re-developing a leading strategy which maintains the competitive advantages of a company is essential for businesses looking to survive in an rapidly shifting market. A new course hosted by the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) aims to teach participants the essential foundations of strategy.

RSM is the international business school of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The institution offers – mainly in English – bachelor and post-doctoral degrees, MBA’s and short programmes for executives.

The three-day programme, named 'Foundations of Strategy', aims to help organisations understand the main strategic tools and skills needed to maintain a competitive advantage, while recognising the impact of strategic decisions, vital for any function within an organisation.

Getting strategy right, from development to execution

Upon completion, RSM states participants will be able to use the latest knowledge to implement strategies in their jobs. This includes the ability to analyse industries, competition, success factors and organisational competencies to understand their effect on strategy, how acquisitions and alliances help strategy, and knowing how to identify the major challenges in executing strategy and their effects. The course will take roughly 50-60 hours to complete, with half of it taking place in class, and half coming in the form of an extensive homework assignment.

The three-day course is led by Raymond van Wijk, an Assistant Professor in RSM’s Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. He holds a Doctorate from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a study of the organisation and integration of knowledge in internal networks. His research has been published in academic journals and books. His current research focuses on alliance portfolios, knowledge transfer and innovativeness, and he teaches courses on corporate development and core strategy.

Commenting on the programme, Van Wijk said, “In order to align strategy and organisational structure, you need to understand the foundation on which we build our strategy.”

At a cost of €2,900, participants will be able to sign up for RSM’s Foundations of Strategy programme in Rotterdam on several dates in 2020. The course will run once at the start of the year, between 17-19 February, and then again in the final quarter of the year, between 16-18 September.