Learn how to make strategy work in three days

10 October 2019 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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While having a solid strategy is a key component of modern business, it is rendered meaningless if managers lack the know-how required to implement the best-laid plans. A new course hosted by the Rotterdam School of Management aims to teach participants the most important skills when it comes to executing a business strategy.

As the international business school of the Erasmus University Rotterdam located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) offers a variety of business undergraduate and postgraduate programmes taught mostly in English. The institution is also involved in a number of initiatives to provide training for the professional services sector.

The professional training services RSM provides range from programmes for lawyers aiming to bolster their advisory and business partnering skills, to training consultants problem solving skills, to teaching executives to build and execute a winning strategy. Now, the organisation has launched its latest three-day programme, named Make Strategy Work, which aims to teach organisations renewed strategic leadership skills, insights and tools for strategic decision-making that can help future-proof a company.

Executive Education - Make strategy work

In the most effective organisations, strategy is understood and implemented by people at every level and in every department. In an era of constant change, innovation and disruption, overlooking this crucial aspect of business can prove fatal to even the most established entity. In order to help professionals navigate this environment, RSM experts Justin Jansen and Tom Mom, experienced executive education teachers in the field, will aid companies with the gaining of insights, tools and techniques that they can put into practice immediately.

Jansen is professor of corporate entrepreneurship at RSM, and scientific director of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. His research and teaching address strategic leadership, organisational learning and absorptive capacity, organisational ambidexterity, and corporate entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, Mom is professor of strategic growth and implementation at RSM, and academic director of RSM’s Executive MBA programme. He teaches strategic management and entrepreneurship in executive education, PhD and MBA programmes.

Ahead of the programme’s launch, Mom said, “However great a strategy, it needs excellent execution to capture its value.”

The three-day programme Make Strategy Work is a high-impact programme for senior managers. It will cover strategy formulation and implementation, while helping attendees understand their role in making strategy work for an organisation, and to understand when to amend and change strategy in light of changing circumstances. Enjoying its inaugural run in October 2019, the course will run a further four times throughout 2020; from 2-4 March; 3-15 May; 7-9 September; and 9-11 November 2020.