Deloitte Consulting acquires HR consultancy firm FCTB

10 July 2015 3 min. read

Big Four accountancy and consulting firm Deloitte has acquired consultancy firm FCTB. The acquisition improves the strength of Deloitte’s human resources consulting and talent management, as well as of its HR-cloud based services offering. The acquisition of the Amsterdam based firm sees both the employees and current projects moved to Deloitte. Sanne Welzen, previously managing partner at FCTB, will become a Partner at Deloitte Consulting.

FCTB is a consulting firm that focuses on HR Transformations, HR Technology and Talent Management. The firm was founded in 2002 and has since been located at the Museumplein in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The firm has a professional staff of more than 25, as well as access to a large network of Associates. FCTB is part of INDICIA and a member of the European network of HR-consultancies iTalent Alliance.

Deloitte neemt HR consultancybureau FCTB over

HR transformations are in 2015, in addressing the developments surrounding the HR and talent management cloud – with an eye on the coming war for talent, more and more often on the strategic agendas of HR-departments. With the acquisition, Deloitte Consulting strengthens its service offering with reference to HR Transformations, HR Technology and Talent Management. “Deloitte is focused on strong qualitative growth of both the services offer of HR Transformation and HR Cloud. Deloitte has a leading position in HR Transformation and HR Cloud in the Netherlands and has ambitions to further strengthen its position. The acquisition of FCTB contributes to the realisation of Deloitte’s ambition,” explains Mario van Vliet, Managing Partner at Deloitte Consulting.

Growing market
Deloitte expects the services offered within the three functional areas – HR Transformations, HR Technology and Talent Management – to continue to grow over the coming years. “We are seeing growing demand for these kinds of services and associated professionals. We are the best positioned to deliver end-to-end solutions, from HR (transformations) strategy to implementation,” adds Van Vliet. “This is a good step for FCTB and Deloitte, but also for our clients for whom the acquisition means that we are able to better serve their requirements.”

Sanne Welzen en Mario van Vliet - Deloitte

As part of the acquisition, Deloitte will take over activities performed by FCTB, including current assignments, relation and employees, for whom the move to Deloitte’s network will open doors. “We offer our new employees access to a large international network of colleagues and clients, as well as new growth and personal development opportunities,” says Van Vliet.

Finally, Deloitte Consulting will, as part of the deal, further expand its partners team: “We can also announce that Sanne Welzen, formally Managing Partner at FCTB has been appointed as Partner at Deloitte Consulting,” concludes Van Vliet.