Altran buys AirCad and expands position in aviation

09 April 2013 2 min. read

Altran has acquired AirCaD, a French engineering company that specializes in the design and development of luxury cabin-interior and retrofit* services for private jets. By taking over the international innovation consulting firm strengthens its position in the aeronautics sector. Approximately 60 employees make the move.

AirCaD (Aircraft Cabin Design) was founded in 2003 and has since grown to a large player in the very niche market of VIP aircrafts and corporate jets.

It provides luxury cabin-interior engineering services for all types of private and government jets, including equipping cabins with meeting rooms, private spaces (rooms, bathrooms) and medical areas. The French company has approximately 60 employees and is based in Villepinte, near Charles de Gaulle airport.

altran aircad

Aeronautics sector

"AirCaD's activities fit perfectly with Altran's objective in the aeronautics sector to offer state-of-the-art solutions. We also both share the same appetite for quality and innovation. The expertise and size of AirCaD make it a privileged partner for great maintenance centres and production workshops" says Philippe Salle, CEO van Altran. In a press release, the consulting firm has announced that the service AirCaD besides the ongoing projects - is used directly during the construction of a mega aviation centre in Dubai, a project in which it plays a leading role.

According to Nicolas Roberval, Executive Director van AirCaD, the acquisition provides a win-win for both parties: "The merger with Altran will enable us to participate in exciting projects and leverage synergy in terms of expertise. We will remain to operate on a niche activity segment while at the same time we can benefit from the critical mass of the Altran Group".

Second Acquisition in short time

The acquisition of AirCaD is the second in a short time. Late last year, the consulting firm bought the German auto industry specialist Hansa (1,800 employees). The consulting firm, who celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, expects a record year in terms of revenue.

* Retrofitting refers to the usage of new technology to older systems, often done to improve safety, luxury or fuel efficiency