Capgemini becomes business partner of the Skywise digital platform

02 July 2019 3 min. read

Global professional services firm Capgemini has signed an 18-month agreement with Airbus to develop the company’s data services platform for airlines. Capgemini initially helped develop the Skywise programme with Airbus almost two years ago, and the platform is now connected with more than 80 global airlines, offering alert management and predictive and machine learning capabilities.

In the last year, Capgemini has won a series of contracts leveraging its IT delivery services on behalf of a variety of entities. Earlier in 2019, BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines confirmed a five-year contract with Capgemini to take over the provision of a spectrum of IT services in the UK. Elsewhere, the firm announced a partnership with Autodesk on a new Building Information Modelling platform, in a response to growing demand for more comprehensive lifecycle management tools.

Most recently this has seen Capgemini sign a ‘Skywise Partners’ programme agreement with aviation giant Airbus, to develop and propose the Skywise platform's data services to airlines. Lasting a duration of 18 months, the global partnership is the culmination of more than two years of close collaboration between Airbus and Capgemini around the development of the data platform and its solutions.

Capgemini becomes business partner of the Skywise digital platform

As an Airbus data and digital transformation partner, Capgemini has been present in the development of the Skywise platform since its inception. The Skywise platform is based on a data lake, hosted in the cloud, that allows airlines and other aeronautics players to store, manage and analyse their data and that of their ecosystem more efficiently. Offering visualization, alert management, predictive and machine learning capabilities.

Now, with more than 80 airlines around the world already connected to Skywise, the new agreement forms part of the digital transformation of the aviation sector as a whole, including its entire ecosystem. To ensure the technical and commercial deployment of the services and solutions associated to the platform, Capgemini has 300 experts trained on Skywise operating around the world, including digital transformation consultants, air and aeronautics specialists, developers, data scientists, and user experience design specialists.

Commenting on the alliance, Paul Hermelin, Chairman and CEO of the Capgemini Group, said, "This agreement reflects our ambition to become the key partner for strategic programs of global players who are themselves leaders in their industry. Our customers are facing considerable challenges to continue to grow in the new digital economy. Airbus has understood this well and wants to install a market standard for data platforms in the aviation world. Capgemini is fully in line with this approach, bringing its involvement and worldwide presence in this sector as well as its technological expertise in digital integration and transformation."

Marc Fontaine, Digital Transformation Officer, Airbus added, "We are delighted by this acceleration of the Skywise platform through the establishment of an ecosystem of certified developers. Capgemini has been with us since the very beginning and we welcome this new phase of collaboration."