Four new partners for fast-growing consultancy Elixirr

05 May 2015 5 min. read
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London-based consultancy Elixirr has in recent weeks added four new partners to its leadership team, bringing the total number of partners to fourteen. Chris Sullivan joins from RBS, where he served as Deputy Group Chief Executive, while Jill Ross, Dieter Halfar and Joe Dall have been promoted internally.

Elixirr was founded in 2009 and has since has gone from strength to strength. Its team recently broke through the barrier of 70 consultants, and going forward the management team has set ambitious targets to accelerate grow both internationally as well as in its client and offering base. To realise the target Elixirr – formerly known as Elix-IRR – has been a recruitment spree of late, including the addition of several (senior) hires. For example, in November last year Brandon Bichler joined the consultancy to become the 10th partner at the firm, and in the past two months four senior consultants were poached from rivals: Katie Gillett and Emily Farrimond (both from Accenture), Herbert van der Raad (from Infosys) and Karina van den Oever (A.T. Kearney).

Chris Sullivan and Stephen Newton - Elixirr

Per May 1st Elixirr has taken another high-profile professional on board, with Chris Sullivan, former Deputy Group Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, joining from the bank. Sullivan has 40 years of experience at RBS, having held many different positions across the Group, over 20 of which were in executive leadership. Sullivan will boosts Elixirr’s financial service practice, as well as add depth to several offerings, including strategy, operations, payments and FinTech. The former RBS executive will serve as Client Chairman, a market-facing role across all industries, and in addition he has a leadership role in two innovative companies that Elixirr Capital* is involved with.

“I joined Elixirr because of their huge ambition and the work they are doing, not just across financial services, but in the industries it is converging with, like retail and telco – they are really helping their clients shake things up in traditional markets,” comments Sullivan about his move. He adds: “What Elixirr has achieved in just five years is remarkable and I am excited to be part of the firm’s future. As someone who has always championed diversity, I was attracted to the entrepreneurial, innovative and inclusive culture – this is a firm that moves quickly, really gets things done and is achieving substantial results for clients.”

Elixirr branding

Stephen Newton, Managing Partner of Elixir, says Sullivan’s addition represents a “huge coup” for the firm, describing him as “a prominent leader”. Newton adds: “Chris joins us at the perfect time, a time when we are really accelerating our growth in the UK. We believe that by being innovative and entrepreneurial ourselves, we will deliver that to our clients every day. It’s not about creating 'innovation centres' like consulting's usual suspects… it’s about innovation in everything we do, it’s in our DNA. Chris has a history of doing this and will play a huge part in this across all sectors, and particularly in FinTech**.”

Own timber
The three other new partners – bringing the total to fourteen – have been promoted from internal ranks. Retail specialist and Elixirr’s second female Partner, Jill Ross, is formerly of Accenture and leads Elixirr’s Learning & Development capability. Financial services specialist, Dieter Halfar, is formerly of Absa/Barclays Africa and Elixirr’s lead partner in South Africa. Joe Dall has worked for Deloitte and EY, as well as in industry for Apple and NS&I, and leads the consultancy’s Card & Payments practice. “One of the core foundations of Elixirr is to create a legacy in the market and ‘growing our own timber’ like this is a big part of that. Jill, Dieter and Joe bring a wealth of valuable experience to the team and I am looking forward to them leading and shaping the firm as part of the Partner team.” 

Jill Ross, Dieter Halfar and Joe Dall - Elixirr

** Elixirr Capital is the investment arm of Elixirr. Recently Elixirr Capital launched the Pitch, an internal programme that will invest up to £1 million in support of the winning ideas or businesses that come from their own entrepreneurial staff. 

** Recent Accenture research reveals the FinTech market is booming, currently valued at $12.2 billion.