Management consultancy Elix-IRR rebrands as Elixirr

03 February 2015

Consulting firm Elix-IRR has rebranded as Elixirr, a move that according to Stephen Newton, the firm’s Managing Partner, sets way for the next stage of growth and maturity.

Elixirr was founded in 2009 by five former senior Accenture advisors*, and has since been on an impressive growth track. Despite the background of the lacklustre economic environment, in particular in the early years, the firm managed to year on year book double-digit growth figures, bringing it to its current size of approximately 60 employees. In 2011 it opened its first international office, in Johannesburg, South Africa, and last year it continued its global expansion with the opening of a hub in the Middle-East (Saudi Arabia).

ELIXIRR new logo

Going forward, Elixirr’s 10 partners have set ambitious goals, centered around further growth, expansion into new markets/services and a continued professionalisation of the firm’s consulting operations. As part of the strategic plan, the consultancy – voted the ‘Best New Consultancy’ by the MCA in 2014** – has decided to rebrand from its original name Elix-IRR as Elixirr. The original name was born from a play on the word ‘elixir’ and the financial metric “Internal Rate of Return” (IRR). An elixir is historically seen as a medicine or remedy that cures diseases, and IRR is a measure that compares the profitability of investments, with the two combined resembling a brand that is able to solve fundamental business problems in an effective manner.

As part of the rebranding, the logo has been refreshed, introducing a new logo – a fingerprint that according to Stephen Newton, Managing Partner of Elixirr, typifies the firm’s DNA. “The fingerprint icon really reinforces who we are and what we are trying to create – a different type of consultancy. Challenging ineffective convention is what we will always do. We’re a firm of entrepreneurs, a culture of thinkers and makers, and we’re driven by a relentless desire to deliver better and better solutions for our clients.” A change of colours too has been deployed, with Granite and Gold the new mix, representative of natural strength and high value, says Newton. What has remained in place is the differentiated ‘IRR’ part of the logo, previously grey to offset  the orange ‘Elix-’, now dubbed gold to yet again stand out. “This illustrates that commercial value (IRR) is at the heart of everything that Elixirr does, for their clients and for their firm,” explains Newton.

Elixirr - A different type of consultancy

Other pillars that are foreseen to contribute to Elixirr’s strategic imperative include the recently launched innovation hubs in London and Silicon Valley, which provide blended technology and innovation services to clients in the tech ecosystem, and Elixirr Capital, the firm’s venture fund that invests in promising start-ups. 

Elixirr's rebranding is the second high-profile case in recent months. In December last year Alsbridge, a specialist in outsourcing, rebranded as Aecus. The largest rebranding operation in recent years was the change from Booz & Company to Strategy&, following PwC's acquisition of the strategy consultancy for roughly $1 billion, to meet legal conditions erected during Booz Allen Hamilton's split in 2008.

* Stephen Newton, Graham Busby, Andy Curtis, Mark Goodyear and Ian Ferguson. Stephen Newton and Graham Busby currently act as executive partners, while the latter three co-founders serve as non-executive partners.

** This year Elixirr is in the running for two MCA Awards, Best Young Consultant of the Year (Daniel Garsin) and Best People Project (in collaboration with Morrisons).


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Fast growing consultancy Step5 rebrands for next growth phase

18 January 2019

Innovative transformation consultancy Step5 has completed a rebranding of its corporate identity as it looks to push forward with rapid growth into a fifth successive year. CEO Howard Dickel told why the change in image is so important, and how the consultancy as a whole has grown in recent years.

Step5 was established in 2010 by co-founders Clive Fenton (current Chairman) and Jim Berrisford (incumbent COO). In 2014, the firm’s present CEO Howard Dickel joined, a year before Step5 hit £1 million in turnover. Building on that, for the past four years Step5 has enjoyed growth of more than 30%, and now boasts more than £1 billion in programme budgets managed and an expanding team of over 60 consultants.

Dickel took up the top job at the company last year, and is now keen to kick on from the firm’s recent success, particularly after Step5’s recent rebranding. The new brand identity was developed with creative agency gt&i, and aims to capture the essence of the business today. Step5’s CEO believes this essence is “quietly confident, with an inner strength”, thanks to a diversity of unique skills among the firm’s talent, enabling Step5 teams to constantly innovate and surprise clients. According to Dickel, the rebrand marks the next stage in the company’s development, supporting Step5’s aim to compete on a world stage.

Fast growing consultancy Step5 rebrands for next growth phaseExplaining the firm’s new identity further, Dickel told, “High value, high cost strategic consultancy provides insight but leaves the challenge of implementation.  Step5’s strength lies in bridging the gap.  We work closely with our clients to develop and deliver complex business transformation projects and get failing projects back on track.  In the words of our new strapline: Together we can.”

Step5 is one of the UK’s fastest growing business transformation consultancies, and as with many new competitors in the professional services sector, aims to offer clients an alternative to the Big Four. As is the case with other firms looking to do this, Step5 differentiates itself from the quartet’s ‘impersonal’ approach by working to develop a trusted partner relationship with clients and drive change from within companies.

Long-term ambitions

In order to tackle this challenge, Step5 remains on the look-out for forward-thinking individuals, whether already working in the sector or looking for something new. In the long term, its ambition is to grow within the private sector, and in particular the FTSE 250 companies, and to reach its target of £20 million in turnover by 2020.

Among clients already tapping into Step5’s services are the Ministry of Defence, BAE Systems, Barclays, Experian, Serco and Sopra Steria, among others. As well as building a reputation in the private sector, Step5 consultants have worked on some of the UK’s most challenging public and private sector initiatives – including the £1 billion recovery of the spine programme for the NHS and management and delivery of all telecommunications for the London 2012 Olympics.


According to Dickel, recent engagements are particularly encouraging for the firm moving forward. Lately, the firm supported a leading bank’s move into the £32 billion UK motor finance market, and worked to deliver a complex organisational transformation programme for the world’s leading information services company to better support its strategic goals and deliver savings across all services.

Dickel added, “We also transformed an internal IT function for a European leader in digital transformation, including people, process, operating model and market positioning. This has provided them with a robust, industry best practice function that delivered savings across the company and increased the internal IT capability from an Application, Infrastructure and Management perspective.”

Reflecting once more on the rebrand, he concluded, “Step5 offers clients an alternative to the Big Four consultancies – and it is recognised by its clients as the people who make complex business transformation projects happen... Step5 has grown and developed over the years. The company has come a long way and now it’s time to transform itself to reflect that.”