6 consultants in Top 25 influencers in banking industry

05 May 2015 Consultancy.uk 4 min. read

The Financial Brand, a platform for the banking sector, has released its 2015 ranking of the most influential people in the industry. More than 100 global leaders in the financial services industry were taken under scrutiny, with the top 25 influencers recognised in the so-called ‘FinServ 25’ list. Six consultants belong to the industry’s elite in thought leadership.

In the past months The Financial Brand asked more than 100 global leaders in the financial services industry to identify the top 'influencers' who are leading the charge in an industry facing major disruption. The survey included over 100 bankers, credit union executives, solution providers, consultants and analysts worldwide, asking the question, “Who do you follow, read, watch and listen to in the industry?” The panel was also asked who they respected and referred to when trying to better understand the banking industry’s transformation.

The 25 most influential people in the global banking industry

Out of the nominees, twenty-five leaders were selected – professionals that are considered thought leaders on critical topics such as mobile and online delivery, digital transformation, innovation, payments, customer experience and multichannel marketing. Brett King, CEO and co-founder of Moven and a bestselling author in the field, tops the list, followed by Chris Skinner (London-based independent commentator on the financial markets) and Jim Marous (publisher and journalist). The top 25 also includes six professionals active in the consulting industry, an overview:

Ron Shevlin (#4 in FinServ 25)
Ron Shevlin has been a management consultant and industry analyst for more than 25 years, working for leading analyst and consulting firms like Aite Group, Forrester Research, and KPMG Nolan Norton. Shevlin is currently director of research at Cornerstone Advisors where his research focuses on retail banking products and services. He is the author of the bestseller, Smarter Bank and is the author of the award-winning blog Snarketing 2.0 which is published by The Financial Brand. He is also a regular guest on the Breaking Banks radio show, providing his offbeat take on the issues faced in the banking industry.

Ron Shevlin - David Birch - Sam Maule - David Brear

David Birch (#6 in FinServ 25)
Dave Birch is a founding director of innovation at Consult Hyperion, an independent strategic and technical consultancy, based in the UK and US, specialising in secure electronic transactions. Birch provides specialist consultancy support to clients around the world and is the author of the Tomorrow’s Transactions blog. Birch also a sought out speaker on the topic of new currencies.

Sam Maule (#9 in FinServ 25)
As co-leader of Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group‘s Emerging Payments Practice, Sam Maule focuses on alternative payments, P2P payments, and cryptocurrency as each relate to current and prospective clients. He is a highly sought after speaker and is the Chief Inspirational Officer at the Digital Finance Institute. His well thought out and highly visual presentations are some of the best in the industry.

David Brear (#12 in FinServ 25)
David Brear has a deep range of experience in agency, consultancy and client side work for a number of top financial services brands. Brear is now part of the international Think Different Group. Previously, Brear headed the UK Digital Banking practice for Gartner Consulting, helping key banking clients put in place the right foundations and innovations to grow, expand, defend and run their markets and operations.

Cherian Abraham - William Sullivan - Christophe Langlois - Yann Ranchere

Cherian Abraham (#16 in FinServ 25)
As the mobile commerce and payments lead at Experian Global Consulting, Cherian Abraham serves Experian’s clients in banking, retail, consumer credit and payments on strategy, innovation and emerging business models around mobile. With almost two decades of international tech and strategy consulting experience, Abraham is one of the leading authorities on mobile commerce. Founder of DROP Labs, he writes a blog on mobile payments and commerce strategy focused on banking and retail.

William Sullivan (#24 in FinServ 25)
With over 15 years of strategy and transformation consulting experience within the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Bill Sullivan is the global head of the Financial Services Market Intelligence Group of Capgemini. Sullivan has worked extensively in the financial services industry, with a focus on wealth management, retail banking and insurance. He is a frequent industry speaker, connects through social media and leads the development of the World Retail Banking Report and World Wealth Report.

Yann Ranchere, currently finance director at Anthemis Group and alumnus from Kurt Salmon and Deloitte, also made the list, holding the 20th spot. In addition to selecting the top 25 influencers, the jury also highlighted two thought leaders considered worthy of special consideration: Neff Hudson (United Services Automobile Association) and Christophe Langlois (social media senior managing consultant for IBM, with a key focus on the European financial services industry).