How TRUSTECH drives improvements to UK health and social care

25 October 2018 4 min. read
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When it launched in 2001, TRUSTECH was one of the first NHS innovations hubs. Today, the firm, which has offices in Manchester, Liverpool and Daresbury, provides health and care consultancy services to businesses, the public sector (including the NHS) and academia globally. Raj Purewal, business development and partnerships director at TRUSTECH, writes below on the firm’s offering and how the specialist consultancy is helping to drive improvements to UK health and social care.

Our role at TRUSTECH is to capture, develop and introduce new technologies and services that improve citizen and patient care; effectively helping NHS organisations implement the latest innovations and companies with new products or services to obtain input from NHS professionals. Innovation is an essential part of improvement in the NHS and it is an expanding field. We really see ourselves as being in the position to transform the health and wellbeing of citizens in the UK and further afield. As the NHS innovation experts, we believe that everyone can improve the NHS through innovative ideas.

What differentiates us from other healthcare consultancies is that TRUSTECH was originally created by the Department of Health. Today, we continue to thrive and we still have very strong links with one of the NHS’ biggest trusts in England; Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Our peerless connections to the NHS give us in-depth and up-to-date insight into how the institutions work and how the wider NHS is planning to implement changes. With our insight, clients trust us to give them the best advice on how to work in this area.

“TRUSTECH provides health and care consultancy services to businesses, the public sector, including the NHS, and academia globally. Our role is to capture, develop and introduce new concepts that improve citizen and patient care.”
– Raj Purewal, TRUSTECH

TRUSTECH is based in Manchester, which in recent years has seen an expansion of its thriving healthcare industry making Manchester one of the hotspots for healthcare, not just Europe, but globally. As the home of the largest clinical-academic campus in Europe, Europe’s biggest cancer treatment centre and a number of medical research institutes, Manchester’s ability to attract high-profile, global healthcare business is ever-growing. The availability of facilities, expertise and resources provides the perfect breeding ground for innovation to flourish. This means it is also the perfect location for a healthcare consultancy.

Through our consultancy services we work with industry, the public sector and academia, globally; we facilitate targeted access to expert clinical and corporate resources, supporting organisations, from anywhere in the world, to engage with the NHS. This includes areas such as: market intelligence, engagement and support, training and education, and programme support. Understanding the situation in the NHS is key for organisations wanting to break into healthcare because it is, without question, a highly challenging market.

For industry, we act as the dynamic access and entry point for UK, EU and global healthcare companies that are seeking to introduce their innovative products and services to the NHS. We are thrilled to be at the centre of numerous innovations, from leading-edge educational and training materials, and new uses for drugs, to pioneering medical equipment and devices – supporting some of the best ideas that help improve health and social care delivery.

Meanwhile, we help academic and commercial clients understand how the NHS works and what it needs, identify the NHS staff they need to speak with and facilitate in-situ evaluations of their innovations.

Health innovations are needed in every corner of the world, and with a history of successful international projects and the success of our services in the UK, a thriving future in the healthcare consultancy market lies ahead for TRUSTECH.

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