New VIGA offering aims to help consulting firms with optimising research

17 August 2018 3 min. read
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Global data collection agency VIGA has launched a new division targeting management consultancies. The new wing is aimed at overhauling how leading consultants conduct primary research, by supporting functions across the research and deal lifecycles. 

With offices in the UK and the US and a staff of 60, VIGA is a global data collection agency that uses proprietary software to give clients access to over 100 million consumers in 95 countries. A subsidiary of communications business Next 15 – which employs over 1,610 people across 39 offices in 14 countries – VIGA offers 24/7 access, a one-to-one approach and the ability to reach large scale and niche audiences cost effectively. Now, in a bid to better support clients with their research efforts, the firm has offered up a new service, aimed at developing insights for leading management consultancies and financial institutions.

Leveraging its own proprietary technology, VIGA will now offer a flexible approach to survey building, fielding, and data services, thanks to access to online and offline audiences in the consumer, B2B, and healthcare categories, which enable the firm to deliver insights from thought leaders and business influencers around the globe. When it comes to supporting research, this is a vital capacity to have, as consultants do research to expose thought leadership, so that they can then win clients. VIGA could subsequently provide clients with a competitive edge over their opponents.

New VIGA offering aims to help consulting firms with optimising research

By offering 24/7 support, VIGA also hopes to help M&A consultancies with deal lifecycles, as it will be able to provide real-time data and research for operational and commercial due diligence support. The group will also seek to tackle a number of other key insight topics, including the market size of certain segments, including the consulting market, as well as demand and volume trend analysis to help clients stay ahead of the game. In addition to bespoke research, VIGA offers access to syndicated daily brand trackers which show real-time brand performance and health data on leading companies across the US, UK, and beyond. Clients are able to quickly assess target companies against their respective competitor sets in the market. In this respect, VIGA will be competing with the likes of Source, ALM, Gather and other analysts.

The division, based across VIGA London and US offices, will be led by Steven Scott. A Senior Vice President, Scott has broad experience in helping the world’s leading management consultancies and financial institutions meet sophisticated research goals.

Commenting on the launch, Scott said, “The new division was built with our clients’ feedback in mind – leaders in the consulting and finance world need a partner that speaks their language, understands their research challenges, and is able to keep up with their ‘always-on’ mentality. Whether you’re evaluating a new deal, helping organisations get up to speed with digital transformation, or creating collateral to prepare for an important pitch, our bench of experts is prepared to support you from start to finish”.

CEO Lewis Reeves added, “We’re adding another dimension to the business through advanced data optimisation and niche audience reach. Steven and his team will provide unparalleled expertise to all of their existing and new clients.”