Crowe personnel volunteer 75,000 hours to celebrate 75th anniversary

08 August 2018 2 min. read
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Crowe Global has offered over 75,000 hours of volunteer work to good causes across the globe in a bid to honour the firm's 75th anniversary. As the group celebrated more than seven decades of business, Crowe helped more than 500 non-profits in the process.

Crowe Global is the eighth largest global accounting and professional services network in the world. Having recently announced that its network of 220+ member firms in 130 countries would be renamed under a unified brand, the international group is keen to kick on in its 75th year in business, working to create an integrated network with increasingly tightly shared values and core purposes. While the firm is keen to remain on the front-foot and build on its long-term legacy, however, Crowe is also fondly looking back on three-quarters of a century in the professional services industry with a remarkable new charity initiative.

As part of a yearlong 75th anniversary celebration, Crowe CEO Jim Powers recently challenged his personnel to volunteer 75,000 hours of work in their communities, more than double the number of volunteer hours from the previous year. Responding to the call, Crowe personnel volunteered by participating in charity home builds, teaching business curriculum to children, donating blood, sorting food at pantries, assembling care packages and in many other ways.Crowe personnel volunteer 75,000 hours to celebrate 75th anniversaryThe number of communities Crowe is active within has grown exponentially since the firm’s launch by founder Fred P. Crowe Sr. and Cletus F. Chizek in 1942 in South Bend, Indiana. Over the following seven decades, Crowe has grown into a public accounting, consulting and technology firm with nearly $900 million in annual revenue with more than 4,000 personnel worldwide. Among Crowe’s now 39 offices around the world, the firm holds locations in the UK, Canada, the Cayman Islands, France and India.

Overall, Crowe people gave their time to more than 500 non-profit organisations, and in the end, the Crowe network volunteered 82,000 hours, the equivalent of providing 39 full-time people at those non-profits they served. Two-thirds of personnel volunteered during the charity push, well above the industry norm of 31%. According to Crowe, which used data from Independent Sector, the volunteer hours they supplied translated into an economic impact worth more than $2 million.

"Not only did our people meet the 75,000-hour challenge, they crushed it," said Powers. He added, "There are a lot of ways to celebrate a corporate anniversary, like giveaways and parties, but those are often forgotten. Giving our time and talent to those in need is not. The significant anniversary volunteer effort honoured the firm's history and continued its legacy in a way that made a difference in our communities."