Grant Thornton to open 11th CEO Room in Leeds

25 February 2015 1 min. read

Grant Thornton has opened a new ‘CEO Room’ in Leeds, its 11th in the United Kingdom.

A number of years ago accounting and consulting firm Grant Thornton launched its first ‘CEO Room’, an initiative that aims at taking CEOs and executives out of their every-day demands of office and company operations in order to focus on developing the bigger picture. The room opens up the kind of environment required for CEOs to sit down and in a one-on-one context work through the key strategic, financial and leadership issues their business face.

According to the business advisory, the CEO Room helps executives “think clearly about ambitions and objectives”, and helps them “stress test existing strategies”. At the end of the line company leaders should find a range of benefits, including “ideas how to unlock value” and “insight that will help to achieve sustainable profit growth”.

The CEO Room - Grant Thornton

Besides using the CEO Room as a means to review and/or revise company strategy, the platform has been designed in such a manner that is also supports dealing with high-impact changes in the business environment. Examples include, among others, a change of leadership, a restructuring, a merger, acquisition or carve-out, new market entry and dealing with a reputation crisis.

On the back of the growing popularity of the CEO Room, which is “free of charge” says Grant Thornton, the firm has in recent months rolled out the concept to eleven cities, with Leeds the latest addition. The initiative is already available at Grant Thornton offices in Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London (Finsbury Square), Manchester, Oxford, Reading and Southampton. A CEO Room in Birmingham is forecasted to be the next expansion move.