Capita supports Scottish public service improvement

12 February 2015 2 min. read

Capita has signed a partnership with UK Government design advisor Design Council to help improve public services in Scotland through the use of ‘design thinking’. The 90-day programme’s goal is to equip public service managers with design skills, methods and tools in order to improve their users’ experience while at the same time increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Design Council is an enterprising charity with the mission to “champion great design that improves lives and makes things better.” Design Council’s line of thinking behind their mission is that good design can change lives, create better places to live and encourage healthier living. The charity fulfils the role of advisor on design to the UK Government.

Improving public services Scotland
The partnership between Design Council and consulting firm Capita has been established in a response to the increased pressure on public service providers in Scotland to reduce costs and meet increasing service expectations, and aims at demonstrating how “using design thinking can dramatically improve service experience, reduce cost and unlock talent.”

Capita partners with Design Council to improve Scottish public services

The newly established programme “Design in the Public Sector” will consist of a 90-day programme (running until April 2015) that will work with a wide array of government, health and education organisations in Scotland, all with different service design challenges. The key aim of the programme is to help these organisations understand their users’ needs, generate and prototype new ideas, and work collaboratively to develop better solutions while reducing costs.

Commenting on the partnership, John Mathers, Chief Executive of Design Council, says: “We are delighted to partner with Capita on the new “Design in the Public Sector” programme. Intelligent design can find solutions to very complex problems - our work with local authorities and service providers across the UK has proven this time and again. We are combining our expertise with Capita’s ability to embed the proposed changes at scale.” Andy Parker, Chief Executive of Capita, adds: “Capita is constantly seeking to develop new ways of supporting public sector organisations in adopting new approaches to service improvement. This partnership with Design Council is an opportunity to demonstrate how design thinking can deliver valuable outcomes in service transformation.”