Half of youth is considering sharing their car with others

04 March 2013 Consultancy.uk 1 min. read

Almost half of the people aged between 18 and 39 (‘the youth’) is considering sharing their car with others in the coming decennium. This is concluded in a research of the American advisory company McKinsey & Company.

The phenomenon of car sharing has been on the rise for years. Car sharing refers to when people share a car for, in most cases, short periods of time. It is different from "Carpooling", which refers to the shared use of a car for a specific journey, in most cases used by colleagues that commute together to work.


Car sharing

The theorem on which respondents had to give their opinion was: ‘The upcoming ten years I will engage in car sharing more often because it is a good alternative to other forms of transportation.’ Almost half of all young participants in this online survey answered and confirmed to this. Of all respondents –elderly included- one-third (34%) agreed to this theorem. The consultants have multiple explanations for their expected increase in car sharing. Respondents find sharing a car a solution that is more sustainable and cost efficient than remainder opportunities.

In the study "Mobility of the Future" the strategic advisory firm also found that 35% of car drivers use their smartphone while driving.