Brazil soccer stadiums have been allocated bad images

18 November 2012

Brazil may be famous for being the ideal soccer country, the soccer stadiums in this country are less and less visited. Supporters were complaining about high ticket prices, unsafety and a lack of comfort. This can be concluded from an investigation done by the consultancy firm Pluri Consultancy.

Little spectators

Santos, toptalent Neymar’s club, Consultancy for example not even attracted 8.000 persons a match, while a match between two lower quality clubs was recently visited by less than 450 persons. The spectator average was approximatley 13.000. Even countries like China and the United Stated, where soccer is not really a number one sport,  even score bettter.

Brazil Soccer Stadiums

Safety and infrastructure

A factor that contributes to this is that nowadays every match can be seen live on television. ‘Many people are afraid to take their family with them to the stadium’, Allesandro Maluf explains. He is the manager of NET, the organization that sells live-broadcasting packages. ‘But is not because of television that Brazil is not listed number one. It is more due to a lack of safety, how you are treated, and the lacking infrastructure.


The government recognises the problem of empty and deceded stadiums. In the region Recife for example, people get free tickets for matches when they do purchases at certain shops. The clubs Sport and Nautica have witnessed an increase of 8.000 people extra per match.

World Championship 2014

Experts expect that during the World Championship in 2014, things will be a lot better. For this tournament, 14 new stadiums will be built, which will particularly improve safety and comfort.

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