Arcadis acquires E2 ManageTech, adds 55 advisors in North America

22 September 2017 2 min. read
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Arcadis has acquired E2 ManageTech, an environment and design consultancy firm for the built environment. The acquisition boosts the firm’s footprint in the US and Canada, as well transferring around 55 experts to the consultancy firm.

E2 ManageTech is an environment management and engineering consulting firm, based in the US and Canada. The firm is focused on solving an array of challenges, pertaining to environmental, compliance, and health and safety issues in the natural and built environment segment, for both the public and private sector clients. The firm’s history traces back to Environmental Data Solutions Group founded by Glenn Mayer in 1998, and a merger in 2009 with Essentia Management Services, resulting in the formation of E2 ManageTech. Today, the firm employs 55 people across its office footprint.

Arcadis, who are perhaps best known as an engineering solutions consultancy, recently won a major contract to redevelop Alaska’s foremost health care clinic. The firm also changed their CEO at the end of 2016, with the appointment of new chief executive Peter Oosterveer being confirmed in the spring of this year. The firm had undergone a sharp 34% fall in third-quarter operating income, which prompted the change in leadership – Arcadis is aiming to turn its fortunes around by expanding into new markets via acquisition.

Arcadis acquires Chicago based E2 ManageTech

Arcadis’ purchase of E2 ManageTech strengthens the firm’s ability to support clients operating in increasingly complex environments, as rational governments become growingly focused on mitigating the negative externalities of business practices that impact society and the wider environment. The purchase also sees Arcadis join a growing industry trend, which has seen professional service companies increasingly look to tap into the lucrative design solutions sector by purchasing digital, advertising and design agencies.

In addition, Arcadis will gain access to E2 ManageTech's expertise in the EHS software environment, which it can leverage to ramp up its technology solutions. The deal, furthermore, strengthens the firm’s position in North America, with the addition of five offices, in California, Texas (two hubs), Illinois and New York.

Vijay Gudivaka, former CEO of E2 ManageTech, takes on a new role within Arcadis, named lead of the firm’s North American and global enterprise technology solutions practice for environmental, health and safety and sustainability. He remarked, "Over the past 19 years, E2 has built a strong reputation working with multi-national clients to meet their strategic health and safety and sustainability objectives through enterprise technology solutions. We are excited to join Arcadis, combining resources and meeting the needs of companies across the globe."