CGI to develop National Security Vetting Solution UK

29 January 2015 2 min. read

The UK government has awarded CGI a 4-year contract to develop a solution that will improve the efficiency of its security vetting process across its departments. The National Security Vetting Solution (NSVS) will enable the government to meet future as well as surges in demand.

IT consulting firm CGI has been chosen by the UK government to provide a National Security Vetting Solution (NSVS) that will improve the efficiency of the security vetting process across the UK government. NSVS will enable its departments and agencies to manage more than 200,000 security clearance applications every year, performing a range of detailed checks on applicants, including financial status, address verification and criminal record checks. In addition, NSVS will be flexible and scalable and not only meet future demand for security vetting but also surges in demand for security clearance, often linked to major events. “As we continue our drive for efficient and customer-focused processes, we are confident NSVS will provide a single solution with a modern, intuitive, scalable and effective approach to managing this critical security process,” says Vince Groome, CIO Defence Business Services at the Ministry of Defence.

CGI develops National Security Vetting Solution UK

NSVS will be an expansion of the vetting solution delivered by CGI to the Ministry of Defence via Cerberus and will be based on this application. The NSVS offers a robust and efficient solution that uses modern technology and will replace a range of disparate systems and manual processes. The solution consists of an intuitive user interface that enables applicants and vetting caseworkers to securely access the system from different locations, using many different devices. CGI’s new UK Security Operations Centre (SOC) will monitor and protect NSVS against potential cyber security threats in real time and the firm will deliver secure hosting from its ISO/IES 27001 certified facilities in the UK for the solution.

Commenting on the contract, Steve Smart, Vice-President Space, Defence and National Security at CGI in the UK, says: “Security vetting is a fundamental enabler that underpins the integrity of the UK government. With our history of providing vetting services, the transition to this pan-governmental vetting system will be swift, low risk and will ensure business continuity. We have a strong team with the experience required to provide a secure and effective vetting solution for the UK government and we look forward to working closely with Defence Business Services to deliver this important program.”