Strategy and Business Analysts losing popularity in consulting sector

17 August 2017 2 min. read
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The UK consulting industry has seen a decline in new vacancies according to new data. Figures extracted from job-search databases show that there were no fast growing titles within consulting with many shrinking, while strategy and business analyst roles looked to be falling the quickest.

An analysis of over 79 million job adverts in the UK over a two year period has shown the number of new jobs in the consulting sector appears to be shrinking. Data from Adzuna, an international job-search database, was analysed to measure the effects of automation on the job market – something which fellow employment platform Joblift recently contended could see a dramatic reduction in UK employment.

For this study, over 79 million archived UK job adverts were extracted from Adzuna’s database covering the period January 2015 to February 2017. Using this data, monthly counts of new vacancies were generated for ~5,000 unique occupations. These counts were then normalised in order to account for changes in the total number of job adverts live at any time (accounting for seasonal variations), and lastly rebased to a score of 100 in Jan 2015. This final step enables easier direct comparison of changes between occupations.

Consulting roles facing declining popularity

The company has over 1.2 million jobs within its dataset, spanning 5,000 unique occupations, and including several job roles in the consulting industry. According to the data, the top five performing sectors for consulting roles were Sales, IT, HR & Recruitment, Accounting & Finance and Retail. This is in line with each sector looking to steal itself amid growing disruption from digitally capable start-ups bringing new competition to former market incumbents, particularly in finance and retail, where FinTechs and ecommerce look to present a major challenge to formerly dominant figureheads of the sectors. IT is also a heavy area of demand for consultancies, as clients increasingly expect digital-savvy solutions to help them combat market changes.

A large number of consultancy roles are declining however. Outright Consultants were the slowest retracting job listings, with their rating of 100 standing at -0.83 – though this could partially be attributed to similar jobs being created with more specific titles replacing these more general positions. Project Director and Project Manager both saw declines around the -1.5 mark, while Building Innovation Modeling Manager postings fell by -1.7, and Sales Business Development Manager saw a fall of more than -1.8.

The top five most drastically retracting job titles were Business Project Manager at -2.31, followed closely by Risk Consultant at -2.40 and Business Change Analyst at -2.40. Business consulting took a further hit with Business Analyst Project Manager positions the second most quickly falling title on online job posts with 2.60, while Strategy Analysts saw the largest decrease, at -2.64.