What advertising effectiveness means to marketers in a digital world

19 July 2017 Consultancy.uk 1 min. read
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Global advertising spend reached an all-time high last year, estimated to be worth over $500 billion. With the stakes in the field continuing to rise and new marketing avenues, as well as digital tools, changing the landscape at a rapid pace, it is more important than ever for marketers and online agencies to understand how well their advertising campaigns are actually performing.

New research by Research Now together with Econsultancy, based on the views of more 2,700 marketers in nine countries, sheds light on the growing importance of measuring advertising effectiveness and the main objectives that drive advertising spend, as well as on how effective different channels are and the most frequently used KPI’s to keep track of value added. The study further looks at organisational aspects of advertising execution, including the barriers faced by marketers when trying to validate advertising spend.

For more information, download the report ‘What Advertising Effectiveness Means to Modern Marketers in a Digital World’.

What advertising effectiveness means to marketers in a digital worldThe researchers conclude that while practically all marketers agree that measuring advertising effectiveness is key to their core operations, actually doing so remains a daunting task. The report provides marketers and marketing agencies with several insights how they can leverage best practices, data and tools to further advance their performance.

Next week Consultancy.uk will feature an in-depth analysis of the report and its key findings.