Crunchr adds employee engagement module with Kantar TNS

09 May 2017 2 min. read

Crunchr, a solution of human capital consultancy Focus Orange, has joined forces with Kantar TNS to develop a new functionality that allows Crunchr’s clients to gain deeper insight into employee engagement. 

Launched in 2014, Crunchr is a SaaS based people analytics and workforce reporting platform. The solution, which last year received funding from Randstad’s investment arm, provides HR executives with insights in their operations. Topics it has provided solutions for include organisation analytics, strategic workforce planning, succession management; talent management and employee preferences.

As part of Crunchr’s functional expansion trajectory, the solution has recently added a new module to its suite that allows for more in depth analysis of engagement surveys. The new module, developed in collaboration with Kantar TNS (the Dutch wing of global research agency Kantar), relates employee responses to their position or division of the organisation, allowing for deeper breakdowns of engagement among specific groups or sections of the workforce. Dirk Jonker, founding partner of Focus Orange, a Netherlands-based consulting firm, and managing director of Crunchr, explained, “Our analytics tool answers questions about engagement among new entrants in the company, about the comprehension on the company’s vision among new hires, or the perception on management in country business units.”

Crunchr adds employee engagement module with Kantar TNS

According to Jonker, companies can improve on their human capital policies by levering insights from the system's new functionality. “HR should combine different people data sources in order to get a holistic understanding of how people, organisation and business performance relate, in order to make better and more reliable decisions. The new module provides answers managers can act upon.”

To design and implement the new offering, which works interactively and in real time, clients are provided with a joint proposition, comprising of Kantar TNS’s expertise in surveying and employee research and Crunchr’s analytics capabilities.

The detailed insight takes into account employee privacy matters, a major concern at organisations in the wake of growing scrutiny and regulation, Henrike Bijlstra stressed, a client director at Kantar TNS. “We categorise responses in groups with certain characteristics that can never be traced back to individual employees. This way we can provide more depth in our results without any infringement on employee privacy.”