Ecorys and Aecom to help El Salvador with MIP communication strategy

05 May 2017 2 min. read
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To support the sustainable development of countries around the globe the EU's Multiannual Indicative Program 2014-2020 offers a range of means to boost key institutions within developing countries. As part of the programme's endeavours, Ecorys and Aecom have, supported by local expertise, been hired to develop and implement a communication strategy for El Salvador.

The EU’s Multiannual Indicative Program 2014-2020 (MIP) for El Salvador is focused on strengthening the relationship between the region and El Salvador. The programme oversees a range of strategic initiatives, including supporting the deepening of the democratisation process in El Salvador through sustainable development that include social inclusion, good governance, human rights protections and climate resilience. The programme builds on the previous periods relationships, as well as supporting the country to integrate into the world economy, strengthen its trade agreements and shift to a green economic model.

El Salvador

To support the government of El Salvador, which continues to face barriers on multiple fronts, with its communication strategy, the EU, as part of the MIP, has appointed a consortium of Ecorys and Aecom to design and implement a four-year communications strategy in El Salvador. Through the programme the importance and impact of the EU’s MIP in El Salvador will be disseminated to key stakeholders.

Ecorys part of consortium to support EU MIP in El Salvador

The design and implementation of the communication strategy will be rolled out in phases, first the consortium will develop four plans: a communication and visibility plan, a working plan, a socialisation plan and an institutional relations plan. The consortium will work with local players to make sure that the planning phase outcomes fit with the reality on the ground in the country.

Commenting on the work, a spokesperson for the firm states, “Ecorys is to design and implement a four-year communications strategy in El Salvador. The communications will raise awareness of the importance and impact of EU cooperation in El Salvador in achieving its development objectives independently of funding sources or mechanisms.”

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