UK Government renews environmental consultancy deal with Ricardo

23 January 2017 3 min. read

The UK Government has reappointed consultancy firm Ricardo Energy & Environment as its National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory agency. The firm is tasked with collecting and compiling air quality data, and presenting in a way that can be easily leveraged by both UK Government department and international bodies - to check if current conditions within the UK meet standards and policy targets, among others.

The UK’s National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI) agency works on behalf of the Department of Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy to collect and compile air quality data on greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions across key UK sectors, including waste, industry, agriculture, forestry and transport. The data points collected are used by the government to evaluate the effectiveness of policy, monitor progress against emissions targets, and safeguard the health and well-being of the UK’s population and the environment.

The world’s increased focus on environmental and health protection, as well as mitigating long-term climate related events, means that key data surrounding the UK’s impact on its local and international environment needs to be actively audited. The NAEI further provides government independent assessments for the UK Government’s commitments to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Paris Agreement and obligations under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

UK Government reappoints Ricardo Energy & Environment as NAEI

Ricardo Energy & Environment will continue in its role as the independent NAEI provider, having held the role in various forms for more than 20 years. The role will see the firm leverage its expertise to manage, check and present the large volumes of information, derived from various monitoring stations across the UK. The data will be made available to various Government departments in a form that provides an easy way to model air quality and health impacts of the country’s air across national, regional, local or city level.

Sean Christiansen, Ricardo Energy & Environment practice director, remarks that it is an “honour” to be reappointed by the UK Government to the role of National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory Agency. He adds, “The UK’s inventory systems provide a robust evidence base that underpins the national understanding of greenhouse gas and air quality pollutant emissions, helping to track the effectiveness of policy, monitor progress against targets and deliver against numerous reporting obligations. The longevity of our relationship with the government demonstrates the confidence and trust that we have built over the last two decades of service.”

The firm has used its extensive expertise built up during the firm’s more than 20 years in the role to support clients across the globe meet inventory and climate related auditing goals, including in at the country level in Vietnam.