Cognizant launches Melbourne-based Collaboratory space

22 November 2016 2 min. read
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Cognizant has expanded its global network of Collaboratory innovation spaces with a new offering in Melbourne Australia. The new hub aims to provide its regional clients and other interested parties with a collaborative space in which to prototype ideas in the presence of a multidisciplinary team of experts.

Cognizant Digital Works was launched in 2015. The new business line is aimed at improving a range of services to clients seeking to leverage capabilities, business models and ways of working by bringing together human insight, strategy, design, technology, and industry expertise to create innovative solutions at enterprise scale.

As part of its wider digital services offering, the business line provides space, called a Collaboratory, where companies can come to rapidly prototype ideas, validate ideas and business models and quickly identify whether a product or services will generate value.

Cognizant launches Melbourne-based Collaboratory space

The professional services firm recently announced that it has opened a new Collaboratory workshop in Melbourne Australia. The firm has been active in the region since 2006, and, in a bid to better serve is more than 50 regional clients, the new space has been set up to deliver interdisciplinary consulting, design, technologists, data scientists, and human sciences experts to client projects.

Gajen Kandiah, President, Cognizant Digital Works, says, "As physical value chains of the industrial era give way to more agile value chains with data and digital capabilities infused at every step of the process, the opportunity is to build new business and operational models, improve productivity, and drive superior customer experiences. As one of the leading builders of the digital economy, we integrate analytics, intelligent products, design capability, cloud services, mobility, advisory services, and deep industry domain expertise. Our network of Collaboratory spaces helps us do that.”

Philip Dalidakis, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, for the Government of Victoria, says,"Cognizant is a world leader in building the digital economy and we welcome the company's decision to locate their new Australia New Zealand HQ and state-of-the-art Collaboratory in Melbourne. This is a huge vote of confidence in Victoria as a magnet for tech and business investment, as well as a big boost for high-skill jobs in our booming tech sector.”

Cognizant, like many other professional services and pure consulting players, have been branching into the digital design and innovation space – the firm recently acquired digital design agency Idea-Couture and in May this year bought ReD Associates.