Huron Consulting Group seeks to acquire HSM Consulting

04 August 2016 2 min. read

Huron Consulting Group is seeking to acquire Massachusetts-based HSM Consulting for an undisclosed sum. The deal would provide Huron with expanded capabilities in the healthcare digitalisation space; the combined entity, able to provide almost all EHR technology solutions to clients. David Devine, HSM Consulting’s founder, would join Huron as a Managing Director.

HSM Consulting is a Massachusetts-based corporation, founded in 2005. The firm provides healthcare clients with operational and information technology consulting. The firm is focused on supporting healthcare providers’ transition to new information systems, as well as providing consultancy and management services. David Devine is HSM Consulting’s CEO; he leads a team of more than 100 consultants.

Huron Consulting Group seeks to acquire HSM Consulting

Huron Consulting Group recently announced it is close to closing a deal to fully acquire HSM Consulting for an undisclosed sum. The aim of the acquisition is to boost the firm’s capabilities in the area of the implementation and optimisation of technologies for the firm’s healthcare clients. The acquisition, in particular, will complement the firm’s current IT and electronic health record (EHR) consulting services, allowing the combined entity to cover almost all EHR technology solutions. David Devine takes on the role of Managing Director.

James H. Roth, Chief Executive Officer and President of Huron, remarks about the bid, “As hospitals and health systems continue the transition to value-based care, the drive toward improving cost, quality and the consumer experience is intensifying. To manage this transition, our clients must be able to collect, analyse and leverage patient data across their growing care networks. HSM will add new healthcare technology capabilities to our current implementation and optimisation services, allowing us to better support clients as they confront their most pressing IT challenges.”

Devine says that his team is “excited” about the possibility of joining Huron’s team. He adds, “Combining our businesses will allow us to tailor healthcare IT solutions to each client’s unique business and operational challenges”. “Together, Huron and HSM will be able to bring a broader set of solutions to providers and serve a wider range of technology needs,” he concludes.