PwC supporter of Economic Research Council event

03 December 2014 1 min. read
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PwC has signed up as supporter of the “Clash of the Titans”, the annual economic forecasting event of the Economic Research Council. During this event, three notable economic alumni from Oxford, Cambridge and LSE will provide the audience with their economic predictions for the year to come.

The Economic Research Council (ERC) is the oldest economics-based think tank in the UK founded in 1943 as the Joint Council for Economic and Monetary Research. The think tank is dedicated to extending the reach of economic education, debate and leadership. To do this, the ERC organises events and debates on economic topics that feature accessibility, inclusion and civic participation.

Clash of the Titans
On an annual basis, the ERC organises an economic forecasting event, entitled the “Clash of the Titans”. During this event, three notable economic alumni from the top three university economics departments in the country (from Oxford, Cambridge and LSE) are invited to present their forecast of the UK economy for the next year. These predictions will then be tracked by the ERC to see which speaker has come closest to reality. In addition, the ERC organises a public competition to predict the economic future of the UK as part of the event.

PwC supports ERCs Clash of the Titans event

Professional services firm PwC has, just as last year, decided to support the event, which will be held on Thursday 18th December 2014 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London. The ERC has invited the following speakers:

Michael McMahon - Centre for Macroeconomics at London School of Economics (LSE) and Associate Professor of Economics at Warwick University.

Kate Barker - Former member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee and Oxford graduate.

John Llewellyn - Founder of Llewellyn Consulting, formerly at Lehman Brothers and the OECD, and spent ten years at Cambridge University.