HaskoningDHV signs wastewater treatment partnership

07 November 2014 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Royal HaskoningDHV has signed a partnership with water technology company VA Tech WABAG to deliver ‘Nereda wastewater treatment technology’ to India and Switzerland. This new sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment has been invented and developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with the consulting firm.

Wastewater, water that in essence is 'polluted', can negatively impact the quality of ground water, raw materials and flora and fauna. As a result it is for policy makers and local governments a serious point of concern. In recent decades many efforts have been made to try to diminish the amount of waste in water, through regulations and legislation, as well as through better treatment of polluted water through wastewater management and technologies.

One of the recent breakthroughts in the field is the ‘Nereda wastewater treatment technology’, a concept invented by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and developed by a public-private partnership between the university, the Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA), the Dutch Water Boards and engineering and consulting firm Royal HaskoningDHV. Nerada is a biological wastewater treatment technology that uses unique features of aerobic granular biomass to purify wastewater. The technology is entirely based on natural ingredients, requires only a quarter of the area of traditional installations, and consumes much less energy, thus producing a sustainable and cost-effective treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater.

Nereda wastewater treatment technology

Based on successful deployments of Nereda wastewater treatment technology across the globe, Royal HaskoningDHV has now decided to expand its usage to India* and Switzerland, following a 10-year ‘Cooperation Agreement’ with water technology company VA TECH WABAG. Commenting on the partnership, Rajiv Mittal, Managing Director and Group CEO at VA Tech WABAG, says: “I am delighted that WABAG has been chosen by Royal HaskoningDHV, a leading international engineering company, for technology co-operation to introduce this new technology in India and Switzerland where WABAG already enjoys market and technology leadership. To start with, this new technology will address the India and Swiss markets and over time, the geographical scope will be enlarged.”

Royal HaskoningDHV and VA Tech WABAG

“We are proud that we have joined forces with WABAG to enter the Indian and Swiss markets with our innovative Nereda technology. For us this is a major step forward, following the successful introduction of the technology in other markets such as Brazil, Australia, the UK and Ireland over the past two years,” adds René Noppeney, Global Director for Water Products & Innovation at Royal HaskoningDHV.

* This follows from the high priority given to wastewater management in the recently adopted India National Water Policy.