We are Marktlink – an involved M&A specialist with an independent, discreet, and no-nonsense working method. Since 1996, we support entrepreneurs in company acquisitions and mergers, using our in-depth market knowledge, and a personal approach. We are guided by the objectives of entrepreneurs.

We listen to unique wishes and provide suitable advice to arrive at the best solution. Even if this means that buying or selling is not the best option per se.

We strategically guide both investors and entrepreneurs towards the best deal, for now, and in the future.

Entrepreneurs can come to us for guidance and active support for the following:

Our mission

We know better than anyone that the process of business acquisition can be complicated sometimes. That is why we see it as a challenge to get the right deal for entrepreneurs, every time. By constantly devising new solutions to unique issues, and approaching each project with passion, we demonstrate that this process is not just complicated, but also inspiring and, above all, fun.

We are all entrepreneurs and use this talent to respond to market developments. We view challenges as possibilities and we use our personal engagement to adapt the way we work to the client’s goals. This ensures that entrepreneurs can rely fully on our experience and expertise in this field, with the best deal as a result.

Our core values:

  • We approach matters from an entrepreneurial point of view
  • We do it as a team
  • We will always find a solution
  • We feel every challenge is an opportunity

Why Marktlink?

At Marktlink, we value the fact that entrepreneurs are given space and freedom to achieve their ambitions. To make this happen, we primarily act as a supporting and advising factor. We stand alongside our clients, and we only need a few words to understand which direction we should take. This committed and personal approach to the acquisition process is our distinctive feature in the market, and it is something we value highly. We understand that this process is not a daily occurrence for most entrepreneurs, and this motivates us to achieve the best results together. Not on behalf of, but in collaboration with our clients.

Large network of buyers and sellers
We have access to an up-to-date database of 40,000 SMB entrepreneurs and investors here and abroad.

Proven track record
With more than 1,000 successful transactions, we have gained the necessary experience to achieve your goals too. 

Broad market knowledge
The knowledge we have gathered since 1996 is utilized to achieve the best result.

100% independent
We work independently of banks, and as such, we only act in your best interest. 

95% success rate
We successfully complete 95% of the mandates we accept. 

(Inter)national local presence
With 9 offices spread across 5 countries, we are always close to entrepreneurs in the region.

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