ICT firm Unicorn Systems opens office in Netherlands

19 September 2014 Consultancy.uk 1 min. read
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The Czech ICT service provider Unicorn Systems has opened a branch in the Netherlands. With the new office, its first in Western Europe, the company wants to gain access to the Dutch and West European market. 

Unicorn Systems, founded in 1990 by the Czech Vadimír KováÅ™, supplies a wide range of ICT consultancy, development and managed services. Within a few years, the company grew to become one of the leading service providers of the country, and in 2005 it opened its first international office, in the UK. For the coming years, the company has announced further internationalisation plans, including in the Netherlands, with a new office in Arnhem as a result.

Unicorn Systems

Unicorn Systems realizes some large IT projects in the Netherlands, especially in the energy sector, its biggest clients include the energy companies TenneT, BritNed and APX-ENDEX. In addition to the energy and utilities sector, Unicorn Systems plans, through its new office in the Netherlands, to focus on the realisation of IT projects for banks and insurance companies.

Besides supporting Dutch customers, the new office will also operate the West European market. “The Netherlands offers, thanks to its geographical position, ideal possibilities to be as close as possible to our clients in Western Europe, and to be able to quickly respond to their needs,” says Jan Konrád – International Services Director of Unicorn Systems. Konrád expects the Dutch branch of Unicorn Systems to gradually expand to 30 senior ICT specialists.