Ecofys develops Climate Initiatives Database for ICIs

18 September 2014 2 min. read

International consultancy Ecofys has been given the task to oversee the design and development of a new web-platform that will provide real-time insight in the status of International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) worldwide. The so-called ‘Climate Initiative Database’ will be launched this autumn.

It is widely acknowledged that the CO2 reduction pledges by national governments are insufficient compared with what is required to avoid dangerous levels of global warming. In an effort to fill this “emissions gap”, a multitude of International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) are getting underway which hold significant potential for reducing GHG emissions and enhancing governments’ commitments to close the gap. At the same time, the rapid increase of ICIs across the globe is however creating a complex landscape, and in addition, risks overlap in initiatives or sub-optimal ambitions. “A comprehensive overview of ICI activities is urgently needed, especially by governments and Parties to the UNFCCC to accelerate the impact of such ICIs in strengthening greenhouse gas reduction ambitions outside the formal climate negotiation process,” says Nick Harrison, climate expert at Ecofys.

Climate Initiatives

To create more transparency and oversight in the ICI landscape, the Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned Ecofys to design and develop a database that contains all known ICI activities. Throughout the process, the consulting firm is supported by experts from the University of Cambridge (Institute for Sustainability Leadership) and the World Resource Institute.

Once launched, the ‘Climate Initiatives Database’ will provide a range of end-users with a wiki-like open, collaborative platform for pooling and tracking ICI information. Each ICI record will consist of detailed information, covering among others their function, thematic coverage, participants, funding and impacts. For governments, the database will also provide a country-level overview showing ICI participation at a macro-level.

Partners of Climate Initiatives Database

The database, which is expected to go-live this autumn, will initially contain around 200 ICI records. Following go-live, the project team will engage with stakeholders to further expand the database and ensure it becomes the industry standard.