Accenture breaks through milestone of 100.000 women

14 January 2014 2 min. read

Accenture has broken through an impressive milestone. The specialist in the field of management consulting, technology and outsourcing has recently passed the counter of 100.000 female employees. With this feat women make up more than one-third of Accenture’s workforce, estimated at roughly 281,000.

Male world? Not anymore…

For decades consulting was an industry that was dominated by men. Yet over the past decade or so, in line with the increased focus on diversity, consulting firms have intensified their efforts in attracting and retaining women. This is certainly also true for Accenture: since it years ago turned diversity into a cornerstone of its strategy, its male-female ratio has significantly improved.

Accenture Vrouwen

The success of the ‘female transition’ can to a large part be attributed

a number of large programmes that ensure that women feel at home within the multinational. An overview of the key programmes:

Defining success. Your way

A global women's theme that encourages all Accenture women to create their own path to success.

International Women's Day

An annual celebration in more than 200 locations of the U.N.-designated day which, this year, will focus on Knowing and Growing Your Career Capital.

Customized training

As part of its $870 million annual investment in training, it also has modules specific for female leaders such as ‘Developing High Performing Women’ and ‘Maximizing Performance: Women in Leadership’. 

Accenture High Performance Delivered

Accenture Women's Network

A global internal portal that connects women across the company and provides education, tools, multimedia and discussions. 

"Our commitment to inclusion and diversity at Accenture, including attracting, retaining and advancing women, is critical to being a high-performance business," says Pierre Nanterme, Accenture CEO. "Our unique programs for women aim to support their career development and progression and help them thrive - not just in their careers, but also in their family and personal lives," adds Nellie Borrero, Managing Director of Global Inclusion & Diversity at the firm.